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D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara

Strange adventures in Highforge

Adventures in Highforge
XP = 1802

“A fountain that spouts water which heals all sickness has erupted from the ground. "
It was discovered by Aranhil Thunderseeker and Sarabelle that Valika Songcrafter was actually an Arenea . She was killing people at Highforge Family Mines, including Ruloc Phousus and was killed by them. The healings that were reported were actually the dwarves that were poison by the Aranea and were in the process of healing their debilitation.

“Clerics are stymied as to how to remove a bizarre desecration that has fallen upon their small temple located on ”/wikis/highforge-honor-cemetery" class=“wiki-page-link”>Highforge Honor Cemetery."
Tukania is always trying too hard to be accepted and she has found that a bunch of Wights are trying to get to the city via the Cemetery. She is killing them and burying them on the cemetery inside a big semi-emptied tomb. The wights are not completely destroyed, just dismantled and they are the cause of the desecration.

Arenea (Valika Songcrafter)

7 days in Highforge

_ Total Wealth: 700
_ Wealth per Adventurer: 200 per adventurer (Helethil was in only the second adventure)

_ Adventure XP: 1802 (901 to Helethil)
_ Adventure XP Awards: N/A

Aranhil Thunderseeker
Helethil Bluebelleyes


NOTE: Feel free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry with information about the adventure from the point of view of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure receives a 25xp award.


¿Qué se supo de la fuente? ¿Era cierto o no?

Strange adventures in Highforge

La arana picaba con veneno a la gente, esa era la supuesta enfermedad.
La gente recuperandose y la aparicion de la fuente pasaron a la vez. La fuente no curaba, fue casualidad.
Pero la investigacion los llevo a descubrir la verdad, enfrentar a la aranea y matarla.

Strange adventures in Highforge

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