White Island

White Island
Population: 108 (Humans / Ape Druids)
Capital: Whitenight Abbey
Area: 196 square miles
A difficult to access island of white stone, it has a small Druidic abbey home of the Whitenight Abbey Druids. Legends surround the local white birds and White Apes , and the practices the Druids undertake.

Few people have visited this small, isolated outcrop of porous white stone southeast of Ierendi. Thrusting several‘ hundred feet above the waves, the glistening white dome of rock has eroded to form White Island’s rugged cliffs, secluded beaches, and sandy soil that supports the island’s elegant birch forests. The numerous spring-fed pools, ice cold, crystal clear, and hundreds of feet deep, are unnatural in such rock formations, and presumably of enchanted origin. White Island has no safe access by boat. Thunderous surf crashes against the island’s rocky cliffs, and even the brilliant white beaches are guarded by barrier reefs and treacherous currents. Without a fly spell, one must risk the reefs in small boats to visit the island.

Specific Locations:


Rumors and Legends:

  • Have you heard about Erias-of-the-White-Birches?
  • The Makai speak of a time were the Lizardmen were the natives of the islands and Nithian Empire took over and had them as slaves. This islands and its ruins were a special place for the Nithians who explored dark arcane magics and desecrated divine spells, dangerous experiments and apocalyptic incantations were perform on the island or so legends told.

White Island

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