Waping Piao

Waping Piao
Thyatian Empire
Celestial Territories
Population: 5000 ( mostly ochalean Humans, Lupins, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and other races present )
Waping Piao is a fortress-city located on the east coast of the Celestial Territories of Ochalea. In its origins, it was built as a walled military fortress to defend the other provinces from The Ogre Magi of Ochalea but the city grew around the fortress into a city. The Sun and Moon Quarters were the first extensions of the fortress and they turned into what we see today. Inside its walls there are famous locations: the Waping Piao Military Quarters and the prison called The Celestial Pit.

The city is sorrounded by coast and sea in the east and south-east, Waping Piao Farmlands to the west and south-west and hiills to the west and north.

The city of Waping Piao has various entrances. The north-east entrance is to the Waping Piao Military Quarters and can only be used by the military and city guard. The south-east entrance goes to an area between the Waping Piao Market and the Port of Waping Piao. The west entrance is the Waping Piao Sun-Moon Way that goes between the Waping Piao Moon Quarters to the south and the Waping Piao Government Halls to the north, this way ends in the Waping Piao Market. Of course, the three entrances are fortified and have a small guard post of up to 30 soldiers but is usually guarded by 12 or less soldiers. The Port of Waping Piao is also a way to enter to the city, by sea.

A trade route connects this city to the city Wongahao Tsushao on the Province of Cao. Waping Piao is located south of the Piao Hills and east of the Great Dragon Spires. The port serves more as a hub between the Province of Kiang the Province of Shou, and all the locations on the proximities of the Dragon Bay: the Dragon Pearl Isles, the Isles of the Five Brothers, the Sea Dragon Isles, and the Isles of Gold Silver and Copper.

The other villages of the Celestial Territories – about 40 of them – are mostly out of the maps, their locations are outdated or unknown. The patrols find them try to protect them, and report their new locations back to the city. The problem is that these villages are destroyed by monsters every few years or every few seasons. The survivors escape and rebult the new village somewere else and the cycle starts again.

Other Locations:
Waping Piao Sun Quarters
_ Jade Temple of Ochalea
Waping Piao Government Halls
_ Waping Piao Hall of Records
_ Waping Piao Alchemical Halls
Waping Piao Market
_ Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu
_ Biaoshi Hui Escort Master Council
_ Church of Thyatis
_ Mystic Way of Order
Port of Waping Piao
Waping Piao Military Quarters
_ The Celestial Pit
Waping Piao Moon Quarters
_ Order of the Shadow Court
_ Yingshu Dang The Shadow Hand
_ Shar-Pei Mercenaries
Waping Piao Farmlands

Military Forces:
The military forces of the Celestial Territories are 300 on times of peace who can be raised to double in times of war.
Waping Piao Military Quarters
Den Fort.

Visitors will find accommodations in one of the many inns of the city or they can rent a house. The three more famous inns are:
The Seven Winds, The Weeping Dragon, The Golden Emperor.


Waping Piao

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