Barony of Threshold
Kingdom of Karameikos

General Overview:
Population: 5000
Threshold is a frontier community on the Windrush River (Wulfholde) River near Lake Windrush. The area of the Barony is located south of the Black Peak Mountains. Threshold is the in a strategic place were a dozen different mountain trails that cross the frontier between the Kingdom of Karameikos and the Republic of Darokin are used by smugglers, bandits and semihumans who attack both countries.

Originally a simple logging community, it has grown into sprawling settlement of nearly 5000 since the coming of the Thyatians. Despite its large population, Threshold is not a squalid, crowded town due mainly to a law passed by Baron Sherlane Halaran that forbids any building to be built within 50’ of each other.

Personalities: Baron Sherlane Halaran and Lady Aleena Halaran

Known Locations:

Locations Near Threshold:

Special Interest:
Located near the foot of the Black Peak Mountains in the extreme north of the Kingdom of Karameikos, Threshold offers many opportunities for wilderness expeditions. Adventurers can find employment ranging from simple exploration to taming the local wilds of monsters.

In addition to the many employment opportunities, Threshold is developing a reputation as a burgeoning intellectual center. As part of his ongoing attempt to transform the town into a modern community, Baron Halaran has established The Threshold Academy.

Local Law:
There are also 2 local laws worthy of note. First, casting of wizard magic within town limits is a minimum of a Class 1 crime. Second, only daggers, swords, & staffs may be carried. Prohibited weapons are confiscated by the town guard. Also, keep in mind that though wearing armour is not illegal, citizens will be highly suspicious of armoured persons wandering the streets.

News, Rumors and Legends:
The Band of the Wolf discovered the long lost in legend location of the Caverns of Quasqueton but gave the information to Baron Dorfus Hilltopper, the Gnome King of Highforge. This got them in the bad side of the people of Threshold but Baron Sherlane Halaran has pardoned them since.


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