The Great Northern Wildlands

The Great Northern Wildlands
Continent of Brun

“ No name could better fit these Wildlands. The people are as untamed as the land and the beasts. Traveling its paths, you witness the bloody struggles within and without, and the sounds of fury strain to be heard above the wind. A blade in hand, you think yourself secure from the Wildlands’ hazards. But then with sudden apprehension, you realize it is not the wind which roars, but yourself. ”

Called Adri Varma Plateau on the past this area connects the Principalities of Glantri to the nations of the west, Duchy of Citadel and Kingdom of Nathania. If can also be used to travel north toward the undead city of Thanagara. There are two to three caravan stops on the area, and those villages. There is also a dwarf village on the plateau; founded after 450BC. The population of this region and call their adventurers classes differently “crusader” is a fighter or paladin, a half orc is called an “assassin”, a barbarian or ranger are called “foresters”.

Specific Locations:

Other Areas:

Rumors & Legends:

  • Monsters like Fiends, Frogmen, Giant Frogs , and Monstruos Slug are rumored to roam the place. Tribes of Manscorpions are know to travel the area too.
  • The group of heroes who complete the Quest for the Hearthstone travelled across this area to find The Hearthstone.
  • On the parallel world of Taramis there is a larger city in this area called The City of Salt in Wounds.
  • Wild Winds is the name of random occurrences of strange natural phenomena (or are they?). A swirling cloud of debris raises from the ground.. It is a whirlwind of almost 50ft of height and taking everything on its path on a 30ft radius moving chaotically and very fast flying at 100ft of speed. .

The Great Northern Wildlands

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