The Fields of the Dead

Separated entries for the undead city of Thanagara on Mystara and the rebuilt undead city of New Thanagara on Taramis have been created.

Located far north of the Kingdom of Nathania midway between that domain and the Kingdom of Dolfheim, and north of The Great Northern Wildlands, the original name of the city of Thanagara has been lost in history.

Legends tell that the ruling cabal of spellcaster were seeking unlimited power and build two towers: the Tower of Life and the Tower of Death. Using poisonous gas they sacrifice all his citizens to the immortal Orcus in order to achieve immortality. The cabal acquired the form of Shades and were later known as the Shade Nobles of Thanagara. The city is also guarded by the dreadful Thanagara Skeletons.

After that the city and its surrounding desecrated lands became a magnet for undeads who were drawn to it. This area of 24 miles around the city is called The Fields of the Dead.

On 1003 AC a villain named Penn Payclub Sytomel, with the Wand of Orcus reached Lichdom and took control of the city becoming a more dangerous place than before.

Specific Locations:


Rumors and Legends:

  • The Fields of the Dead – During the beginning of the The First Human Age the Shade Nobles of Thanagara performed an epic ritual of Pestilence (ELHp.84) and cursed the area with its effects. The least powerful effect on the area is a 10 miles around is a desecrated land as the spell casted by a 36 level caster. All people that dies in the 24 mile area of the city become undead under his control. The resurrection spells doesn’t work here. Some specific Undeads gain a bonus of 1 HP per each year on this city. They gain 1 Armor Bonus to AC and 1 unholy bonus to AB per each 10 years on the city.
  • The king of Thanagara has a bonus of 100 HD of undead creatures. All undeads in Thanagara count as having + 4 HD for turning purposes.
  • Nightwing has been seen around the area mounted by powerful undead.



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