“Shadowdeep” is the term used to indicate Mystara’s Underdark, it includes areas like the underground kingdom of the Shadow Elves, the Lower Broken Lands, and other areas. We will continue our dangerous voyage going all the way from the surface of Mystara to the Hollow World, passing through 1,200 miles of solid rock by dark tunnels, underground rivers and mysterious caverns.

The Shadowdeep is a vast region of caverns and tunnels under the Known World. Within it, there are many nations, such as the Shadow Elven Territories and the Empire of the Great Glaurants. Nesting beneath the Altan Tepe Mountains range, at the junction of the domains of Kingdom of Rockhome, Republic of Darokin and Emirates of Ylaruam, is a smaller city-state. This city-state, known is Deep Hollow, is a keystone in the trade of the Shadowdeep despite its small size. This place serves as a marketplace for goblinoids form the north-west, glaurants from the south-west, and dwarves from the east alike. The dwarves call this place ‘Dulwyr’ in their own tongue, and it is home to many races including rock-men, troglodytes, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, and aranea.

Fungus Caves, oozes, vermin and many other dangers are the habitants of these areas just getting weirder and more dangerous with each mile underground.

Fungi and moulds are pretty common in the damp areas around Deep Hollow. Most of these are innocuous or even useful — either edible or having some medicinal property. However, poisonous fungi are equally common, and the inexperienced adventurer needs to roll on half Wisdom to identify the correct fungi to eat. Natives roll on full Wisdom instead, and characters with the Survival (underground) skill can roll on it instead. Besides, a few more dangerous species also exist, including Yellow Mould and Shriekers.

Giant beetles (fire and oil), carrion crawlers, gelatinous cubes, and giant centipedes are all common threats in the wildernesses of the Shadowdeep. Rare, but more dangerous, are the black pudding and ochre jelly.Other threats include rhagodessae, cave toads and sporacles, all of which fish in Lake Tzel; rust monsters and basilisks, which are sometimes found in abandoned mines; and giant crab spiders, common in the fungus forests.


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