Port of Shadows

Port of Shadows

" The backstabbing capital of the Known World. "

Population: 4,000 estimated (all races are presents)
The Port of Shadows is an artificial island built with a hundred broken ships that are crafted, tied up together and floating in the middle of the sea with some bridges an buildings built to keep the pieces floating together. The wooden island is located under a floating island with a fortress of Alphatian Empire origin that belongs to a man called the Baron of Shadows.

About a hundred chains, including four giant ones, tie the Port of Shadows with the floating island above. Some elevators and cargo cranks connect the two halves of the port. Some Pirate Skyships anchor on the chains or land on the water.

The fortress is armed to the teeth and the port below is filled with killers of all parts of the world. The local guild of assassins, Legend of Shadows Guild, are also the guard of the port. The port is open to anyone who is an enemy of any great government specially the Thyatian Empire and the Alphatian Empire.

Ships that arrive by sea have to be tied to the Port of Shadows Docks to have minor repairs and move cargo from one ship to another. The crews can disembark, do business or shore leave, hire mercenaries, or buy supplies.

Fire is regulated on the port bellow as it is made almost entirely of wood. Somewhere in the Dark Cloud Caves above crafters can work with metal on their forges but not on the port. The cookers of The Dark Plaza have special kitchens build of metal. Lamps are made of continual light spells or fluorescent algae. Oil lamps and torches are forbidden.

Specific Locations:

Pirate Ships Associated with he Port of Shadows:

Rumors and Legends:

  • Princess Ravenna explains: " The Port of Shadows’ history is tied to House of Ar and the Kingdom of Floating Ar. The Shakara Castle’s Cloud Giants were at war with the Alphatian Empire and our ancestor The Great Ar (!) lost that island, the one they call now Fortress of Shadows, to them. The floating island had already an Alphatian Royal Palace built in top of it. The capacity of the floating island to move was added later by the one who stole it from the Cloud Giants… The Black King. "
  • The local guild of assassins, Legend of Shadows Guild, are vampires who can work at night and at daylight from 11am to 1pm when the fortress hides the sun from the port.
  • Haldemar of Haaken: " The Port of Shadows have been in operation for more than 50 years. Our agents have been able to infiltrate it from time to time, we have followed their pirates. Even try divinations. Luck and skill safe the Baron of Shadows time and time again. He is a man of strategy who prepares his plans with precision. The location of the island changes and somehow his pirates know were to find it. Is a mistery. "
  • Is unknown how the Port of Shadows move around the seas, how they know when to move or how people know were to find them. The best guests is the Legend of Shadows Guild serves as spies in the Kingdoms.
  • The pirate Sandokan is one of the few criminals who isn’t allowed on the Port of Shadows. Is even considered an enemy of the Baron of Shadows as Sandokan is against slavery having been raised as an slave himself.
  • Falton and Jadkin once visited the place with their companions and caused a lot of trouble including a fire caused by Jad Kin’s clumsiness. (this is considered not a legend but a way to speak bad about the hero)
  • The adventurers group Morning Star accompany Jad Kin, this time in disguise years later and one of the members was almost killed.
  • In the unguarded back only unsheathed blades can be found. – pirate saying
  • A captain without a crew, finds his body ship of crabs. – pirate saying

Port of Shadows

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