Overlands of Dreconia

Overlands of Dreconia

Rumors, Lore and Places of Interest:
The dreconians have mastered some steam machines and mechanical devices like repeating croosbows. They have become more low on magic.

History: The Overlands of Dreconia is a government founded by the slaves of the Emperor of the Greconian Empire who were sworn to loyalty by the power of one of the Swords of Power: Mindsword. The empire sized country is actually a group of domains each under a participatory government. Each government has it’s own laws and society but they follow a common path consolidating trade route and technological advances. Each kingdom has a king also called Overlord, and the alliance between them is called the Overland. The overlands is composed of the domains of Dreconia, Tanagor and Amazonia.

The three kingdoms are in constant conflict due to frontier disputes, fights between lesser domains and nobles.

[Notes from the Dungeon Master:
These lands were created for our campaign before the Mystara Gazeteers were published. The original characters of our campaing migrated from those lands to the Kingdom of Nathania, located west of the Known World.
GM Mario]

Overlands of Dreconia

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