Archduchy of Ochalea
Great Duchy of the Thyatian Empire AKA Exarchate of Ochalea.

Location: Island southwest of the Isle of Dawn, north of the Jungle Coast, west of the Pearl Islands and southwest of the Alatian Islands. South of the island is the Sea of Ochalea, and west there are the Hue Archipelago, the Cape Islands and the Gojira Atoll islands. North of the island is the Great Northern Gulf.
Capital: Beitung on the Celestial Domain.
Area: 190,054 sq. mi. (492,240 sq. km.).
Population: 125,000, including 50,000 in the capital Beitung.
Languages: Alphatian (Ochalean dialect), Thyatian (Ochalean dialect).
Coinage: King (a.k.a. teng, 5 gp), one (gp), tenth (sp), hundredth (cp); Ochalean coins are octagonal with square holes in the middle.
Taxes: 15% income tax, inheritance tax of 10%.
Government Type: Monarchy, part of the Thyatian Empire
There are eight Senators from Ochalea, including of course the Archduke himself, Abbot Teng Lin-Dieu and High Priest Ling Tzu-Chen, high-ranking members of the Jade Temple who have been chosen by the Archduke to fill the seats that are assigned to the Teng family and to the governor of Ochalea, as well as five elected representatives. Aristocratic Senator Ran-Wen Zenobius and Duchess Triella Tien- Tang are also of Ochalean origin. Senators Teng, Ling, and Zenobius belong to the Philosophers faction (headed by Archduke Teng), while Duchess Triella is a member of the Zendrolian faction.
Industries: Agriculture (wheat and rice), textiles (silk).
Important Figures: Teng Lin-Dieu (King, human, male, P20 of Koryis).
Provinces: Bohan, Cao, Celestial Domain, Celestial Territories, Chi, Chung, Daisun, Kiang, Shou, Sung, Shun, Ta’ang, Wang, Yuen

Politics of Ochalea

Armies of Ochalea

Flora and Fauna:
Ochalea is mostly free of monsters. Dangerous creatures encountered include ghouls, weretigers, tigers, panthers and the rare purple worm. Also common are sheep, goats, and snakes. Intelligent monsters would include ogres (many who know magic and are often called ogre-magi), while lupins and rakasta often roam the Grasslands of Chi.

The only Rakasta breed present in Ochalea is the Pardasta – proud, aloof hunters and rangers who rarely leave the rocky badlands, and seldom interact with either humans or Lupins.

The Lupins of Ochalea are almost completely integrated in the human society, sharing the same language, writing system, culture and mannerisms of the Ochaleans.

Ochalea be a strange land indeed, with customs unlike dose found anywhere else in de world. Even der architecture is unique, with der tiered an’ slanted roofs and strange, sliding doors made out of what appears to be paper [I doubt they are made of paper, but I left this here because that is what the writer believes. Ed.]. A small bamboo fence be surroundin’ deir houses. Stepping stones lead around de houses to a little garden with a few trees an’ perhaps a shrubbery or two. Even der gardens are designed to give a feelin’ of quiet and peace.

The Land
Ochalea be an island kingdom, just like the Pearl Islands, mohn. But dis island is not rich in farmlands and palm trees like Nuar. It be a rocky place, with large uneven hills everywhere. Dese hills once be volcanoes, but are now completely inactive and have been so for de past hundreds of years.

In de valleys between de hills, however, dere be another story. Water rolls down de hills, mohn, creatin’ rivers dat make fertile lands. De Shino-Gawa River be de largest of dem crossing almost de entire nation, mohn. It start from de hills around de town of Wongzhao Tsushao, den moves down to de lake around de town of Chungkiang Li. From dis lake, de largest one in Ochalea, de Shino-Gawa den pours into de Sea of Dawn several days’ walking away. All along dis river are forests and very productive farmlands. Dey be so productive dat dey be makin’ enough food to feed everyone in de kingdom an’ even export some out to oder nations.

Dere also be two huge grasslands steppes on de island. One, on de western shore, is also de location of Beitung, de capital city. De oder, called de Grasslands of Chi, covers de soudern shore of Ochalea. De most soudern portion of de flat terrain is actually a tropical jungle, mohn, mostly due to de souderly ocean currents dat warm its shores.

The People
Ochaleans are Alphatian an’ be having de same coppery skin as all de oder Alphatians. Dey usually have dark brown hair, an’ eyes vary from brown to amber or golden. Fine facial features are very common.

Ochaleans are a peaceful bunch, satisfied with de status quo instead of seekin’ to improve themselves. Dey be very scholarly, doing a lot of research an’ educatin’ der people. Many claim dey be de dird most educated nation in de world, only behind Glantri an’ Darokin, wherever dose places be.

De philosophies of Koryis, de Immortal of peace an’ prosperity, have made de Ochaleans very quiet and reserved. Dey be extremely polite, mohn, an’ often dings that everyone else do are considered rude here in Ochalea. True to de ways of Koryis, all arguments are settled peacefully drough negotiation.

Ochaleans believe in de equality of all men, an’ der king be treated no differently den any of de peasants that work on de farms. Women, on de oder hand, be treated as inferiors. Der husbands decide der every fate, mohn, an’ girls are often items to be negotiated away for pre-arranged marriages instead of children to be loved and dought to live der own lives.

One strange custom of de Ochaleans involves der greeting. Dey be seemin’ to like kissin’ each other, regardless of gender. It be not uncommon to see a man kissin’ a man, or a woman kissin’ another woman. An’ dis be a full kiss on de moud, mohn, not on de cheek. This appears to be der medod of handshaking dat be common in de rest of de world. Der be no romantic connotations involved in der greeting kisses.

Other races like the Lupins and Rakastas also live in Ochalea.

Regarding Classes, Ochaleans have more respect for non-arcane clases. In order of preference: Fighter, Cleric, Monk, Adept, Paladin, Expert, Druid, Ranger, Rogue (If they are not thieves), Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Commoner. Wizards are seen as witches to be feared or hated. Other clases present in Ochalea (in alphabetical order): Drunken Master , Exotic Weapon Master , Master Samurai , Master of Chains , Ninja of the Crescent Moon , Order of the Bow Initiate , Outlaw of the Crimson Road , Red Avenger , Royal Explorer .

What is popular known in other countries of the Known World about Ochalea is through the books of the Thyatian Empire ( who always write from their own thyatian cultural point of view ) and the Alphatian Empire ( who call the ochaleans " ingrate mundanes " for rebelling against them ). Non-Ochaleans have a – 4 penalty to skill checks of Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive and all Knowledge checks used to know about Ochalea. This penalty " wears off " after a month of living or travelling around Ochalea. ( This penalty represents the exotic and strange magic, ways and creatures of the location. )

One of the main features of the lands of Ochalea is the architecture. The adorned curved roofs, the walls thin as paper and the paints in all the buildings place their cities apart from the Alphatian Empire and the Thyatian Empire. The Celestial Palace located in Beitung and the The Teikoku Road that connect the provinces, are two of examples of many feats that these people can built.

Benevolent Order of Chang Dangsu
Church of Thyatis
Circle of Heaven and Earth.
Jade Temple of Ochalea
Mystic Way of Order
Mystic Way of the Eight Immortals
Order of the Shadow Court
Wandering Priests

Orders and Organizations:
Biaoshi Hui Escort Master Council
Clan Sheeastas (crippled)
Crescent Moon
Demon Cults
Feihau Dang Society of the Blue Flower
Red Avengers
Shar-Pei Mercenaries
Yingshu Dang The Shadow Hand

Weapons & Equipment:
Check the lit of Ochalean Equipment for Armors, Weapons and Equipment that is used or originally from Ochalea.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperors boxed set, previous almanacs.
Ochalea is described on Dawn of the Emperors p.77


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