Mystara Calendar

Mystara Calendar
In the days of the Old Ones…
Mystara Calendar

The Mystaran calendar is a lunar calendar, based on the stations of the two moons. Each month is 28 days long and there are 12 months in the year (so there are 336 days in the Mystaran year.) Most nations have adopted the Thyatian Empire’s calendar which is dated from the crowning of the Empire’s first Emperor, Zendrolion Tatriokanitas. The name of the months and days depend on the nation. The asterisk ( * ) marks the first day of the year.


Alphatian Calendar

Due to the strange rotation and illumination of the moons, each lunar station lasts seven days, and these mark the seven days of the week. Each month begins at (NM) new moon (with the dark moon covering Matera, the light moon), moving into (FQ) First Quarter moon (with a quarter of Matera visible), (FM) Full Moon (where Matera has moved in front of the dark moon), and ending in (LQ) Last Quarter moon (where the two moons have made a full orbit and are coming around for the next cycle).



The months in order are:
1. Nuwmont (midwinter)
2. Vatermont (late winter)
3. Thaumont (early spring)
4. Flaurmont (middle spring)
5. Yarthmont (late spring)
6. Klarmont (early summer)
7. Felmont (midsummer)
8. Fyrmont (late summer)
9. Ambyrmont (early fall)
10. Sviftmont (middle fall)
11. Eirmont (late fall)
12. Kaldmont (early winter)

The seven days of the week are:

Mystara Horoscope
Mystaran Horoscopes
As in all regions, when you were born is believed to affect how your life will pan out. This is largely believed to be due to numerous influences: stellar influences, the placement of the moons, and the time of day. Each month is associated with one of twelve astrological signs: Manticore (Newmont), Hydra (Vatermont), Centaur (Thaumont), Basilisk (Flaurmont), Chimera (Yarthmont), Gorgon (Klarmont), Griffon (Felmont), Dragon (Fyrmont), Salamander (Ambyrmont), Pegasus (Sviftmont), Warrior (Eirmont), Giant (Kaldmont).

The traits of ascendancy depend on what week the child is born. Children who were born in the first week are said to be Sun Ascendant, second week Land Ascendant, third week Sea Ascendant, and fourth week Sky Ascendant.

Finally, the winds are said to influence your destiny. If a child was born while the sun is up it is said that they are influenced by the Winds of Law. Children born while the moons are up are said to be influenced by the Winds of Chaos, and those born while both are up are said to be born under the Winds of Wisdom.

Traits of the star signs:
Manticore: cunning, ardent and brave.
Hydra: shrewd, self-centered, and resourceful.
Centaur: vigorous, strong, and generous.
Basilisk: robust, passionate, and domineering.
Chimera: Confident, charismatic, and possessive.
Gorgon: reserved, private and studious.
Griffon: warm, practical and steadfast.
Dragon: ambitious, cold and independent
Salamander: calm, practical, miserly.
Pegasus: enterprising, flighty, imaginative.
Warrior: astute, efficient and courageous.
Giant: selfish, strong and stubborn.

Traits of the ascendancy:
Sun: Proud, authoritarian, predictable, leans towards Lawful alignment.
Land: Earthy, steady, rational, leans towards Neutral alignment.
Sea: Creative, mercurial, unpredictable, leans towards Chaotic alignment.
Sky: Philosophical, versatile, tempestuous, no particular alignment leaning.

Winds of Influence:
Winds of Law: Fortifies lawful temperaments, sways neutral dispositions towards good, curbs chaotic personalities.
Winds of Chaos: Undermine lawful tendencies, sways neutral dispositions towards evil, intensifies chaotic behavior.
Winds of Wisdom: Tempers all dispositions with prudence, caution and common sense.

Mystara Calendar

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