Letter to Renn Kratos

I never pictured myself doing something like this, especially after i have treated you for my own mistakes.

You are a warrior and trainer of true honor and delight. It is one of my biggest regrets to not able to understand myself before facing you, and for that you are the better fighter, he who controls his thoughts controls his blade, and he who controls his blade, knows when to strike. I may strike hard, but you have always struck better.

My pride blinded me, and even though a letter cannot undo my past mistakes and attitude toards you, I hope that your honor as a fighter and a trainer is far greater than the reaches of mine as a fighter.

There are few words i can say. I am in a place far away from the gras of Mystara. The place is ruined and life is at its edge, for that I must stay and guide these people as you do. I must train these people with the same honor and delight as those trained in your school. I have learned that there are better ways than violance, and you have thought me that without even beeing present. know, that Bloodstone Warrior of Taramis and only a fragment of Renns School of the Blade.

With this i ask that you please train my son Alexius Heliotrope as you have been doing these past years. I ask that you teach him to be better than his father and respect the Inmortals, respect other fighters, and above everything else, respect himself and his family. This is something i know you can do, that i cannot, and for that i once again recognize that you have bested me. But ths time I am okay with accepting that defeat.

When i saved your sister, i did not think of the bloodline or our past. I only thought of the right thing, and in the end saving her was that right thing.

Venture forth knowing, that even though i defeated you, you will always be a better fighter.

Letter to Renn Kratos

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