Letter to Leiliana

Silent days and Violent nights.

" Voices and screams flud the daylight of my thoughts, yet only silence resides in the base of my heart.
A man left to wonder the world, without his beloved, in hopes of finding her once again, he replaced a voice with a harp.

With hope regained and malice for advanture, the both search to build a new song, secretly dreaming of his beloved singing his story from afar.
hopes where lost, as the music was silenced, for the man who replaced the song with the harp, fell and in my heart left a big scar.

The days became silent, and the nights remained stagnant, until that day the warriors heart was reborn in the celebration of salt and death.
Hopes recovered with news a new, new life prolongs from encounters far forgotten, now with looks to finding familly before his last breath.

Scarred with hate, and turbulant feelings, the silent days where countered with warm and loving nights.
Though the celebration was short, the rewards where huge, as this warriors sights where adorned with new lights and hopes of a new sight.

The thought of losing ones self in battle could never compare for a warrior to lose his beloved without effort.
The fighter did not faulter, he did not think, he knew that he had to leave to protect his familly, it was his only resort.

In the great distance and with the time, the silent days where accompanied with violant nights.
The thought of returning to his beloved clinched the fighters grop on his sword, ready to awaken and fight.

In the end, he knew his family was protected and his goal was complete,
His only mistake was to never train a son he didnt meet.

Noe the warrior resides in silent days and violent nights, for there are no songs to calm his blade, and no warmth to calm his terrifying frights. "

With this i say my beloved leiliana, that you have always been my hopes of finding peace, of seathing my blade and returning to your ever loving bliss, of reaching that silent night that i yerned since the day i stopped seeing you. The Inmortals however, have a different way of seeing things.

I will not come back to you until our mission here is complete, against my lovers will I was returned to these destroyed lands. Even though i will not feel your warmth again, your voice resides within the fighter in me.

Live, explore, love and sing, for it is the only thing that peace to my spirit will bring. When i return you will be far gone, but tell our children of our story. For if we meet, before my final breath, I can finally hear your last song.

I say this with the deepest of sorrows, the lover has died, as there is no other to replace the seath that is your heart to mine.

Letter to Leiliana

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