Letter to Alexius Heliotrope

Letter to Alexius

I have made grave mistakes in my life, but i have also seen great things, that no mortal should have ever seen in their life.

In my childhood i was lost, the absence of my parents and the discovery of their murders brought me great remorse and made me a violant man. Yet the news of a son calmed my spirits and placed them at ease, yet the fighter in me did not seath his sword, he wanted to show you who i really was.

Alas, the warrior was wrong and although i did the right thing to protect my family, i am facing the hardship of having to let them go, and it pains me dearly.

I did not understand that another man, an impresive fighter, could train my son, and that unease, without a doubt, brought you trouble with your trainer, and for that i am sorry. Your father is a closed headed fool that only understands violance. You however should be better than that. Do not follow your fathers foot steps, do not become the enraged and crazed fighter he turned out to be. Follow your path and remember me not as a raging warrior, but as a carring father and a loving husband. My journey to Taramis was to save you and my family, and i thank you for you existance, for if it where not for you, i would not have found the will to keep going.

I have met with the very beeings i so much denied to follow in my brief years of travel. I met face to face the true Inmortals, and they are a sight to behold. It’s frustrating to understand the extent of their power, and how we are all but powerless before them. Yet i feel the path of the warrior could eventually take me to those heights. Though i know i dont deserve it, i ask you to do that which i will for the following century; pray to the inmortals that we one day meet, to bring peace to this weary fighter will, for i have declared my last battle to be with my very son. It may be a weird request, but it would apeace my mind after so much has happened.

I have left you my Cold Iron Greatsword, crafted in the lands of Ochealea, with your good old Uncle Flint. I invite you to ask him of our story here in Taramis and of our adventure in Mystara, you would be surprissed on how much we did is no little time. I also leave you me Gryphon Knights signet, in your hands you will not be recognized as such, but you have a memento of the best side of your father.

I trully wish i could share and train with you, but my mission is not yet complete, and the inmortals gave us life to surpass 100 years. My only hopes is to pray to see you again before your final days, so i ask once again that you do the same, and if we do not meet, I ask that you tell your fathers story to your children, and their children after wards, for eventually i will return and honor my family as the father figure i could not honor you as my son.

I’m sorry Alexius, my hopes of seeing you and training you were true, but it is far beyond my grasp. My biggest regret is to not take a minute to hold you in my arms and let you know how i feel. So in that absences i have asked your Uncle Raizak for one of his magic tricks.

There is a small rune inscribed in the bottom of the page, as the reader moves his hand over the symbol words are heard with Troyus’ voice.

I Love You Son, never give up.

Letter to Alexius Heliotrope

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