Letter from Caesonia Scipio Machiste to Troyus Machiste

My dear Grandfather:

At the moment of receiving this letter, I hope that you and our grandmother are living in peace and quiet like you wanted and you both so much deserve.

I have the saddest news for you both, our mother and your daughter Caida has died in the most horrible of circumstances. She was capture by the half-breed lizards of the Land of Dragonia and they have turn her into an aberrant mummy who was sent in an ambush to kill our father Othelus. Father survived, but was so strongly impressed by finding out what they have done to her loved wife that is still today in a state of shock.

This domain has survived in this dangerous plateau in its majority for the strength of both our parents, strong fighters of great convictions. I’m a diplomat and my brother is a wizard. Corcyra is helping us keep the charade that our parents are alive, but the news cannot be postponed any longer. The people should now, and when that happens, our kingdom will be in danger from our nearby enemies. I don’t know if chaotic the Kingdom of the Beasts could increase their attacks but I’m sure Ying Miyamoto is going to see this as a chance to expand his domain…

We need for you to come here and help your grandson and granddaughter or at least guide use until we can figure out what to do. We cannot do this without your courage and experience. We need your help grandfather, great General Troyus Machistes.

Caesonia Scipio Machiste
Counselor of the County of Cabanis
Signed with the Seal of the Country of Cabanis on Lunadain the 1st of the month of Yarthmont of the year 1032 After the Coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis (AC)

Letter from Caesonia Scipio Machiste to Troyus Machiste

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