Kingdom of Ostland

The Kingdom of Ostland
Ruler: King Hord Dark-Eye
Government: Monarchy
Capital: Zeaburg
Languages: Heldannic

Rumors, Lore and Places of Interest:
The longships of Hord Dark-Eye make up one of the most powerful navies in the north.
The King of Ostland is allied with Thyatis, and often campaigns in the Emperor’s name in Norwold and the Isle of Dawn.
Worship of Odin and Thor is established law. The Kingdom of Ostland is part of the Northern Reaches.

For centuries, this collection of islands was home to various clans of barbarians. Each clan of Northmen fought with every other clan for sport or loot, until the late 5th century AC. At this time, a powerful Zealand clan consolidated power through strength in war and shrewdness in diplomacy. This clan established the first king of Ostland, Cnute Bearchest. King Cnute was a powerful warrior and competent general, with a sure grasp of both land and sea tactics. The descendants of Cnute remain in power to this day.

Notes from the Dungeon Master:
This land is drawn directly from Viking legend and mythology, as is Vestland and the Soderfjord Jarldoms. If you want a character with a Viking flair, this is a good place to be your character’s home.

For more information see GAZ 7: The Northern Reaches.

Kingdom of Ostland

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