Kingdom of Norwold

Kingdom of Norwold
The Kingdom of Norwold
To the north! To Norwold! –A rallying cry amongst potential settlers

The Land
This is a vast wilderness area north of the Known World and the Heldannic Territories. The Empire of Alphatia has claimed Norwold, but little of the region is actually under the control of King Ericall. One of Alphatia’s most distant colony nations, Norwold is a land of deep forests and thick glaciers, and has been infrequently fought over by Thyatian intruders.

The Capital
The capital city of Alpha (pop. 30,000) is a prosperoous city with a good waterfront and surrounded by rich farmlands. The largest city in Norwold, Alpha features an enormous royal fortification that can house up to 10,000 refugees, despite the fact that settlement only began 15 years ago.


Landfall: This community of 10,000, loosely called a town, is a pirate haven and city of thieves. It may well be the nastiest and dirtiest city of its size in all the Empire. Because it makes a show at paying its taxes and makes no official raids on other Alphatian cities, the empire has chosen not to interfere.
Leeha: is a central gathering point for the many halfling clans which live in Norwold.
Oceansend: This city of 20,000, built and settled by Thyatians, wisely threw off the yoke of Thyatian rule in the last half-century. It currently maintains its independence.
Norwold has a long history of being an area of minor contention between the two empires of Alphatia and Thyatis. Not long after the first Alphatia/Thyatis war, Thyatis built a trading post in this region which was promptly razed by Alphatian mercenaries.

In the time since then, human and halfling settlers established villages here.

A century ago, Thyatis finally succeeded in building a colony, Oceansend, which Alphatia did not immediately burn down. Oceansend remained a colony until the Alphatian Spike Assault some 40 years ago–at that time, Oceansend declared her independence, which she has precariously maintained ever since. In the intervening years, pirates and thieves have extablished the thriving haven of Landfall.

More recently, Ericall, second son of Empress Eriadna, reached adulthood and began working towards earning a dominion of his own. Not having any magical talent, Ericall would normally not have been able to carry a noble title, but Eriada relented and offered him the dominion of Alpha city, as well as the rest of Norwold (if he can control it and keep it out of the hands of Thyatis).

The People
Norwold is an odd mix of cultures, more a melting-pot of races than any other site in the Alphatian Empire. The basic stock of the people is that of Heldanners–fair-haired farmers and fighters, lovers of good land, good drink, and good stories. Add to it the Thyatians, who founded Oceansend and have spread out from that city–Thyatians with their cosmopolitan ways and sly manners. Then mix in the now-dominant Alphatians with their chaotic and free ways, and you have the primary ingredients of Norwold culture. All in all, it’s a good mix; the population has respect for both magic and fighting ability, a love of the sea and the land, and a marked tolerance for the halfling and elf communities found in this land.

Notable NPCs
Ericall, King of Norwold (human male, Ftr 28, L)
Lernall the Swill (human male, Ftr 6, N)
Yarrvik the Just, King of Oceansend (human male, Ftr 9, L)
Government and Religion
Norwold is a subject nation claimed by the Empire of Alphatia, and is ruled by the Empress’ second son, Ericall. Because King Ericall is no weilder of magic, in Norwold non-magic-users can achieve noble titles and rule dominions. This makes it an inviting region for the Gentry of Alphatia to settle. Ericall is actively seeking capable rulers who wish to assist him in taming this unsettled land. Norwold is not actively seeking independence, but would welcome it if it came.

The religious beliefs of Norwold generally correspond to the beliefs of the ethnic populations. Native Heldanners share a common pantheon with the Northern Reaches while Vanya and the Church of Thyatis has dominance in Oceansend. The nobility generally share a common bond with the religions of mainland Alphatia.

Modules Explicitly Set in Norwold
CM1 Test of the Warlords
CM2 Death’s Ride
CM3 Sabre River
CM4 Earthshaker!
M1 Into the Maelstrom
M2 Vengeance of Alphaks
M4 Five Coins for a Kingdom
M5 Talons of Night
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Kingdom of Norwold

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