Kingdom of Nathania

Kingdom of Nathania
Ruler: Dauriat Nathan
Government: Autocratic with a Participatory Counsel
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Rumors, Lore and Places of Interest:
King Dauriat Nathan was the person who had seen more Swords of Powers than anyone.
Centaurs of Nathania

Nathania was founded by Dauriat Nathan, an inmigrant from the west lands of the Serpent Frontier. He and other adventurers of the same group founded the Domain of Aristia, Domain of Aquino and the Domain of Athena at the same time. Later on, the other domains – except Athena – pledge to Dauriat Nathan and become part of bigger domain named the Kingdom of Nathania. The City States of Garmar and Myland were once part of a bigger kingdom that also included the Duchy of Citadel and which capital was Myland. Nathania anexed these two cities and also conquered the country of Sayr Ulluan, renaming it East Nathania. Now the kingdom is composed of the Duchy of Nathania, Domain of Aristia, Domain of Garmar, Domain of Aquino, Duchy of Myland and East Nathania.

The Domain of Athena , Emirate of Dagba, Clan Olfa, Centaurs of Nathania and Dwarves of Dastium are all allies of the Kingdom of Nathania.

Groups and Organizations:
The King Companions
The Cat Guild

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Kingdom of Nathania

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