Human Ethnicity

Human Ethnicities

Alasiyans are the smaller of the major ethnicities of Ylaruam, and one of the territories held by Thyatis. They are considered a good natured people, merging the cultures of Thyatis and Ylaruam. They prefer dialogue to violence, and have adjusted their traditional garb for fashion and practicality over religious reasons. They possess dusky skin and dark hair. Their native language is Thyatian.

Alphatians are found in the Empire of Alphatia. Extremely magical, their land is ruled by wizards. They have two distinct ethnic make ups, the commoners have coppery colored skin and hair ranging from red, and black. Noble Alphatians have black hair and black hair. Native language is Alphatian

Atruaghin are native to the plateau of the same name. They are an isolated people and behind other nations in terms of technology. They have reddish skin and black hair. Native language is Atruaghin.

Averoigne are found in Glantri. They are from another world resembling that of France. They have been plagued by lycanthropy in the past, and their nobles are known for being very eccentric. They tend to have fair skin and blonde to brown hair. Native language is Averoigne.

Darokin is a mixed race from all the various peoples that have come to live in the country of the same name. They are a wealthy and industrious people, built on trade. They tend to have tan skin and dark hair. Native language is Darokian.

Ethengari are proud warriors of the steppes on the Sea of Grass. They are nomadic and family oriented. It it said they learned to ride before they learned to walk. Ethengari have dark copper toned skin and black hair and tend to be of a slight build. Native Language is Ethengari.

Flaemish were the original settlers of Glantri, orginally from Alphatia. They are a volatile people, descendants of the fire worshipers of old. Many feel they are the rightful rulers of Glantri. Flaemish have copper toned skin and bright red hair. Native language is Flaemish.

Hattians are from an island off the coast of Thyatis. They were once an equal part of the empire until an ill fated revolt caused them to be conquered again. They are known for their racism and superiority complex. They tend to have olive skin and hair ranging from light to dark. The native language is Thyatian.

Heldannic Freeholders come from the lands to the far north. They are fiercely independent to the point of being disorganized. They have resisted attempts at conquest by Ethengar and Ostland, and refused to be merged by the other Northern nations. Freeholders have fair hair and pale skin. Their native language is Thyatian.

Hinterlanders relish life, where they are fighting or carousing. Their lands are at war with the Thyatian Empire, though some of them have changed sides. Hinterlanders value individual achievement over all else. Hinterlanders tend to be larger than others, with fair skin and hair that ranges from light to red. Native language is Thyatian.

Jennites from Esterhold are a conquered people. Overrun by Alphatia and used for slave labor the Jennites look to escape their wizard overlords. Jennite are of average height but large build. They have dark brown skin, with dark eyes. Native language is Alphatian.

Klantyre are found in Glantri. They were brought over by the people that brought over the Averoigne, a land resembling Scotland. They tend to be a haunted people with a large number of ghosts in their region. Klantyre tend to be larger that normal humans, with pale skin and brown to red hair. Native language is Klantyre.

Makai are the native islanders to Ierendi. Playful in times of peace, fearsome in times of war, the Makai never do something halfway. They are a simple people, living off the vast bounty the isles have to offer. Their skin tone is typically bronze, with straight or extremely curly black hair. Native language is Makai.

Makistani are the largest ethnic group in Ylaruam. A deeply religious people, they are considered stern and unforgiving by other cultures. They were largely nomadic until recently, when they began to form cities. They hold honor above all, and have strict sex roles. Makastani have brown skin and black hair and tend to have a lot of hair. Their native language is Ylari.

Northmen comprise the population of Ostland, Vestland and Soderfjord. They are a rugged people, living in a harsh clime and hostile humanoids. They are of a large build, with fair hair and heavy beards. Native language is Norse.

Nuari are dark skinned peoples from the Pearl Islands. Conquered by Thyatis at the start of the Empire, they have acclimated with the Empire while keeping their own culture. Nuari strive for perfection no matter their task, they strive to be great warriors and scholars. Nuara have almost coal black and black hair. The native language is Thyatian.

Ochaleans are a conquered people in the Empire of Thyatis. They are exotic compared to the rest of the Empire, with yellow skin and dark hair. Ochaleans are known for their artistry, food and their unarmed fighting styles. Native language is Ochaela, but everybody must know Thyatian.

Thyatians are the majority in the Thyatian empire, and have spread throughout the known world. They are found in neighboring countries and as far away as Ostland and Glantri. They are known for their treacherous natures, but mostly inside of Thyatis. Thyatians have a light olive skin tone and light to dark brown hair. They are known for their large noses. Native language is Thyatian.

Traladarans are native to what is now the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. They are a superstitious people, living in a land plagued by undead, invasions, and monsters. They tend to dress brightly when they can afford it. Their tastes run simple, valuing function over form. Their hair tends to be dark and their skin pale. They are shorter than other nationalities. Their native tongue is Traladaran.

Human Ethnicity

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