Cubs of the Wolf

Cubs of the Wolf
This group of adventurers were originally members of the Band of the Wolf or joined forces with them at the beginning of their adventures when conned by Benedetto Difusallo. They found no reasons to adventure and to stay together and step aside of the group drifting apart each day.

Until a stranger young bureaucrat that claimed to work for the Royal House of The Kingdom of Karameikos, offered them a job as secret agents of the crown in order to gain some advantage over the growing number of enemies that the Kingdom was confronting.

" Here is a ring, like the one used by the Band of the Wolf, you were all there when the adventurer’s group formed and I’m using that in your favor and mine. You will pose as member of that group, use their gained reputation (currently in + 9 ) to our advantage. "

Today is Soladain the 28th of the month of Sviftmont of the year 1013 After the Coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis (AC), let’s start your new life!


  • Group Average Level: 4
  • Group Average Reputation: + 0
  • Group Gained Reputation:
  • Total Reputation: + 0

Reputation Contacts:
Unnamed Agent fo the Crown (?)

Known Members:
Valora Venatti
Anya Blackbeard
Mahal Whitebeard
Helethil Bluebelleyes

Cubs of the Wolf

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