Celestial Territories

Celestial Territories
Thyatian Empire
Population: 14.000 (Rural: 9.000)
Capitol: Waping Piao (Pop: 5,000)
The most wild areas of the Grand Duchy of Ochalea are collected in a large province, known as the Celestial Territories. Largely composed of rocky badlands, Mountains of Ice and the Great Dragon Spires, the impenetrable Jungle of the Tiger Men, and the Southern Forested Hills. The Celestial Territories have four rivers that end in the southern sea: Piao River, Dragon Spires River, Shoka River, and the Korimizu River.

The Celestial Territories are only populated by a number of Weretigers, Pardasta, and a small human population in the village of Waping Piao and the surrounding countryside.

There are an estimated 40 villages of around 100 people on the Celestial Territories and most of them are out of the maps, their locations are outdated or unknown. The problem is that these villages are destroyed by monsters every few years or every few seasons. The survivors escape and rebuilt the new village somewere else on the territories and the cycle starts again. The military patrols find them and try to protect them. They report their new locations back to the city.

The two most estable communities Village of Bhue and Village of Lao Kung, are more protected for been closer to a city and have less monster’s attacks. The rest of the communities hamlets, or small coastal communities, some of them are not even on the maps.

Known Habitats:
Waping Piao (Capital)
Isles of Gold Silver and Copper‘s small fishing hamlets
Sea Dragon Isles’s small fishing hamlets
Village of Agenasi
Village of Bhue
Village of Howaito Rokku AKA White Rock
Village of Kasai AKA the legendary secret Village of Fire
Village of Kuroiwa AKA Black Rock
Village of Lao Kung
Village of Lasimar
Village of Nimshi
Village of Tie Ling

Other humans in the region are mostly hermits, Wandering Priests, and Bandits of Ochalea.

The Demon Cults also maintain a significant presence in the Jungle of the Tiger Men and in the neighbouring areas. Rumors are that some of these are fully inhabited by spirit folks that live in this province. The Ogre Magi Ox Clan maintains its last strongholds in the Southern Forested Hills in the southern part of the Celestial Territories. Ox clan Ogres are not the brightest of their kin, but they are fiercer and more numerous, making the southern hills as dangerous as the Jungle of the Tiger Men.

Military Forces:
Waping Piao Military Quarters

Celestial Territories

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