Band of the Wolf

Band of the Wolf
A group of adventurers that joined forces in the city of Threshold after been conned by Benedetto Difusallo. They found new reasons to adventure and to stay together and step by step they are gaining reputation and brotherhood.

On the world of Taramis the Band of the Wolf has a series of awakened dire wolves as mounts that are called Wolves of the Band.


  • Group Average Level: 16
  • Group Average Reputation: + 3

Reputation Contacts:

Reputation Countries:
Kingdom of Karameikos
Kingdom of Ierendi
Archiduchy of Ochalea
Alphatian Empire


Characters XP Records
Active Members:
Aranhil Thunderseeker
Axetor Stonecutter
Daero of Alfmyr
Dio Stoutspark
Frutumal Huntinghawk
Maldi Ni Correcto Anglo
Maiavel of Alfmir
Merkel Duncan
Nathaniel J. Flint
Raizak Derek
Troyus Bloodstone
Yoshirou Nakajima
Retired or Separated:
Carceran Sunreaver
Cliona Cassidor Sulescu
Helethil Bluebelleyes
Joseph Alexander Xiloscient (deceased)
Leto Armandi
Veitor Broskar
Barely Played:
Anya Blackbeard
Ignacio del Toro
Mahal Whitebeard
Orik Chivay
Valora Venatti

1 Benedetto’s Con
2 The Dread Horde Part I
3 The Dread Horde Part II
4 The Old Mill
5 The Dread Horde Part III
6 Trinkets and Prowess
7 The Black Wood Path
8 The Caverns of Quasqueton I
9 The Caverns of Quasqueton II
10 The Caverns of Quasqueton III
11 The Caverns of Quasqueton IV
12 The Caverns of Quasqueton V
13 The Goblin Woods Path
14 The Highforge Market
15 Dalen Mine Worms
16 Path to Sulescu
17 Strange adventures in Highforge
18 The Path of Giants
19 Silver Sword vs Wolfsbane Mace
20 A Sulescu in Specularum
21 Sulescus Heir
22 Arriving to The Great Port
23 The Tomb of Aloun Mattringle
24 The Tomb of King Greeg
25 Two Maps and Four Quests
26 Into the Aleea Reefs
27 Into the Takala Reefs
28 Wrath of the Iron Ring
29 Tokraka Paradise
30 Ambush near the cemetery
31 Deadly Celebration
32 The Black Pit Part 1
33 The Black Pit Part 2
34 Trip to Safari Island
35 The Hydra of Safari Island
36 Return to Ieredi Castle Dungeon I
37 Treasure of Mad Greeg Part I
38 Treasure of Mad Greeg Part II
39 The River of Death Part I
40 The River of Death Part II
41 Raizak in Fantasy Island
42 The Trials of Earl Novak Respen
43 The Trolls of Ursula
44 Return to Black Pit I
45 Return to Black Pit II
46 The Last Trap of Ursula
47 To Trap a Cat inside a Box
48 Ochalean Honor
49 Rusianus Parade
50 The Village of Lasimar
51 Dungeon of the Temple of Korimizo
52 Passing through the Black Rock
53 Ambushing Onedea
54 To free Lasimar
55 Lasimar Epic Final Game
56 Secrets of Nimshi
57 The path of snow and swords
58 A desperate plan against the Ogre Magi
59 Stealing from the Ogre Magi Part I
60 Stealing from the Ogre Magi Part II
61 Going against the Blood Fang
62 The day of the Ninja Master
63 The Day of the Evil Swordsman
64 Versus Lupus Inferni Part I
65 Versus Lupus Inferni Part II
66 Return from Ochalea
67 A message from Karameikos
68 A barrel of Bakanekos
69 The King of Karameikos
70 The Siege of Highdell
71 The Black Peak Stone Giants
72 The Matchmaker
73 A wedding and a funeral
74 Ambush on South Pass
75 Attack of Castle Mistamire
76 Attack of Castle Mistamire Part 2
77 Attack of Castle Mistamire Part 3
78 Attack of Castle Mistamire Part 4
79 About Lords and Dragons
80 The Secession of Penhaligon
81 The Dungeon of Haradraight
82 The Cavern of Volvagia
83 Warhouds on Stallaford
84 The Madman on Rugolov Dungeon
85 Three to pick
86 Jaggadash Raid
87 The Corrupted Caves
88 One for Each
89 Welcome to Rugalov Coast
90 The Tomb of Atanasie
91 The Death of Leavilith
92 Return to Quasqueton I
93 Return to Quasqueton II
94 The Queens Box
95 Battle in Zirchevs Chapel
96 Xiloscients Coffin

97 From Viona to East Portage
98 Reception at Hillvale Palace
99 The zombie and the demon of Greenspur
100 Worm Plague of Gufatir
101 Balor of the Thousand Pleas
102 A Stormflock of Arrowhawks
103 The Nahalina Exhibition I
104 The Nahalina Exhibition II
105 Nightwalkers on the Garden of Aasla I
106 Nightwalkers on the Garden of Aasla II
107 Attempted coup on House Kryn
108 Assassins of Shadows at the Aasla Hotel
109 The Last Attack of the Sea Hyena
110 Exploring the City of Draco
111 Searching around the city of Draco
112 Further Agreed Dungeon Mission
113 Death of Xaturis Mulatovilus
114 The Demon Storm of Esmeralda I
115 The Demon Storm of Esmeralda Part II
116 Adventures in Trollsitting I
117 Adventures in Trollsitting II
118 Adventures in Trollsitting III
119 Adventures in Trollsitting IV
120 From Trolllhatan to Skyreach
121 The Royal Princesses Ball at Skyreach
122 Princess Elodias Sacrifice
123 The Exorcism of Frutumal Huntinhawk
124 Where in the world is the Baron of Shadows
125 The Yellow Ship takes the Blue Bait
127 The Invitation of the Baron of Shadows
128 The many eyes of the Vault of Blackflame
129 The many faces of the Baron of Shadows
130 Through the Looking Glass
131 Through the Maze Mirror
132 Through the Reflection Pond
133 Through the Guestchambers
134 Through the Nexus Mirror
135 The Ruins of the Golden City
136 The Ruins of the Mines of Ragnu
137 The Ruins of Dengar
138 The Ruins of Alfheim
139 Rebuilding the Ruins
140 The City of Wounds
141 Caravan to Thanagara
142 First Night at New Thanagara
143 , New Thanagara Nights
144 Broke Backcorridor Mountain
145 The Tarrasque’s Chain
146 Preamble to the Battle of Perfection
147 The Battle of Perfection SEASON FINALE


Band of the Wolf

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