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The Empire of Alphatia
Continent of Alphatia.
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Alphatia refers both to a continent and an Empire in Mystara. The Continent of Alphatia is nearly 2,000,000 square miles in area and has approximately 7,500,000 inhabitants. The continent of Alphatia is the center of the Alphatian Empire.

Unlike most humans on Mystara, Alphatians are an “alien” human race, having arrived from another plane ( Old Alphatia ) after they destroyed their original Empire. The Alphatian people consist of two sub-races, the pale-skinned, dark-haired “pure” Alphatians and the more common copper-skinned “Cypri” Alphatians. The center of the continent is still unclaimed and is called the Alphatia Imperial Territories or " No-Man’s Land ".

Ruler: Empress Eriadna the Wise and the Alphatian Grand Council
Government: Monarchy
Capital: Sundsvall
Population Breakdown
Languages: Alphatian (official), Elvish (Shiye-Lawr dialect), Dwarvish (Denwarf-Hurgon dialect)
Calendar: Alphatian Calendar
Social Structure: Alphatian Castes, Alphatian Noble Houses and Alphatia Political Parties.
Law: Alphatian Empire Law
Military: Alphatian Empire Military
Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Various kingdoms may mint other denominations in addition. Kingdoms tend to prefer coins of their own mintage, and charge conversion fees for coins from other kingdoms, especially esoteric coins. Coins of imperial mintage are accepted at full value throughout the empire. Platinum Pieces (valued 5gps each), also called Empress are used by nobles of higher ranks like princes or more.
Mainland Kingdoms: Kingdom of Ambur, Kingdom of Aquas, Kingdom of Arogansa, Kingdom of Blackheart, Kingdom of Floating Ar, Kingdom of Greenspur, Kingdom of Haven, Kingdom of Limn, Kingdom of Stonewall, Kingdom of Stoutfellow, Kingdom of Theranderol, and Kingdom of Vertiloch. Kingdom of Frisland, Kingdom of Foresthome, Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr, Kingdom of Bettellyn, Kingdom of Randel, Kingdom of Eadryn, Alphatia Imperial Territories.
Other Territories: Alatian Islands, Bellissaria, City-State of Ekto, City-State of Trikelios, Confederacy of Dunadale, Deirdren, Esterhold, Kingdom of Hillvale, Kingdom of Norworld, Kingdom of Thothia, Qeodhar, Yannivey Islands

Legend has it that the Alphatians are originally from another world, where all citizens were wizards. But a war between two rival schools of magic tore their home asunder. The victors eventually traveled to Mystara to rebuild their shattered empire. It is said that the surviving losers eventually found their way to the Principalities of Glantri.

In the course of their expansion, they came into contact with the Thyatians. Conflicts arose, and eventually Alphatia saw fit to solve the problem by conquering the Thyatian tribes. In a quick and violent campaign Alphatia succeeded in subjugating the Thyatians. Eventually, the Thyatians were able to regain their independence, and to this day are still a thorn in Alphatia’s collective side, as both empires have squabbled over territories in the Kingdom of Norwold, the Isle of Dawn, and even in Emirates of Ylaruam.

Originally, nearly all Alphatians were spellcasters, but after the migration to Mystara, the percentage of the population with the ability to wield magic has dropped. Despite this, Alphatia still has one of the highest concentrations of wizards in the world.

Alphatia is a large continent within the Mystara world. It is located east of the continent of Brun and west of Skothar. It is a large Imperial Magocracy (ruled by spellcasters), consisting of numerous Kingdoms loosely united under the rule of an Emperess.

The territories of Alphatia include the island-continent of Alphatia itself, the somewhat smaller island-continent of Bellisaria, the eastern half of the Isle of Dawn, the Alatian Isles south of the Isle of Dawn, Esterhold, a large peninsula of Skothar, and the disputed lands of The Kingdom of Norwold. Alphatia’s capital is Sundsvall, the “City Built by Magic”, a large city in south-central continental Alphatia. Sundsvall is also the capital of the Kingdom of Vertiloch, which is ruled directly by Alphatia’s reigning Empress Eriadna. Other major cities include Aasla, in the Kingdom of Haven, and Draco in the Kingdom of Stonewall, both of which are port cities.

Alphatia’s traditional rival is the Western Thyatian Empire, which was ruled by Alphatia for two centuries (BC 192 – BC 2) until it successfully rebelled and carved its own Empire out of former Alphatian territories. In the AC 1000 timeline, the two powers are locked in a fantasy version of the Cold War.

Alphatia is ruled by an Emperor or Empress who is advised by a Council of Wizards. The power of the Empire is mitigated by the fact that Alphatia’s fractious Kingdoms, with their own rulers, are only loosely controlled and normally very hard for the central government to coordinate. An exception to this came in the Wrath of the Immortals, where immortal interference caused the normally disunited and chaotic Alphatians to unite in the cause of destroying The Principalities of Glantri.

Alphatian Contraptions
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Rumors, Lore and Places of Interest:

  • The Empire of Alphatia is built on powerful magic, but unlike the Principalities of Glantri all manner of spellcasters are welcome. Spellcasters are aristocracy by default, while all others are second-class citizens, called Mundanes.
  • The Kingdom of Kingdom of Floating Ar is composed of flying cities and mountains.
  • The Alphatian military maintains fleets of enchanted flying warships.
  • The city of Trollhatan is inhabited by all manner of intelligent creatures, all of them citizens of the Empire.
  • The city of Seashield is built inside a vast dome on the sea floor off the coast of mainland Alphatia.
  • Read Alphatian Vice and Entertainment to learn more about the decadency of the Alphatian Empire.
  • Among the dangerous criminals of the Empire are a Red Dragon with a goblin army, a Forsaker in a quest of killing nobles, a serial killer named The Headless, a genocidal Warlord, a Pirate who frees slaves, a Conqueror from the stars and a gang that can break corridors.
  • The most dangerous spellcasters on the Alphatian Empire are considered The Black King and The Black Queen.
  • " Yes, you are nothing in that land unless you possess magical knowledge. "
    " They treat their slaves as we treat our convicts, and treat their freemen as we treat our slaves. They are often a cruel people. " " As for the darker stories. . .such things are not uncommon. However, in a land as lawless as this (lawless, that is, for the ruling class), you will find magicians who practice every sort of evil. " " Any nobleman with whom you dine and chat in light-hearted merriment today might tomorrow fly away to his hidden palace in the depths of the Blackheart Forest to practice the most grisly sort of magical experimentation. "

" Justice and goodness, especially toward those who wield no magic, are not important to them. "

For more information see the Dawn of the Emperors boxed set.

Alphatian Empire

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