Alphatia is a continent and home of the Alphatian Empire on the world of Mystara and part of the area referred as the Known World. The continent of Alphatia is nearly 2,000,000 square miles (5,000,000 km2) in area and has approximately 7,500,000 inhabitants. The continent of Alphatia is the center of the Alphatian Empire, which is founded on the exploration and exploitation of magic and came from another world. The center of the continent is still unclaimed and is called the Alphatia Imperial Territories or " No-Man’s Land ".

Flora and Fauna: Some sea creatures venture in or near the sunken continent, and some probably inhabit it. Undead abound. Remnants of surface flora and fauna are decaying, and are gradually replaced by their sea counterparts: algae, fish, squids, aquatic beholders.

With its immense size and use of magical arts, Alphatia boasts a wide variety of plant and animal life. One may find examples of just about any life form known, as well as some previously unknown types.

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Geographical Locations:

Aasla Spur Mountains
Aaslan Gulf
Ambur River
Bluenose Beach
Crystal Lake
Eastfollow River
Elfripple River
Forest Coast
Frisland Plains
Greenlake River
Greenwall River
Grey Mountains
Haunted Marshes
The Ivory Forest
Kerothar Mountains
Llyn Lake
Lonely Forest
Rainbow River
Randel Lowllands
Randel River
Roaring River
Shiell Lake
Snake River
The Ugly Woods
Thera River

Flora and Fauna


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