The FishSword

The FishSword
The FishSword is an Alphatian Empire sailing ship who is known for doing shady business in both Minrothad Guilds and Ierendi. The owner is Captain Tedup Zjiph and his crew is mostly composed of human (Fighter:1/Rogue:1) sailors who are currently loyal to him but their loyalties could shift with enough gold in the balance. The marines are mercenaries (Fighter:2).

The FishSword has white and blue sails, uses the flag of the Alphatian Empire and has a figurehead in the form of a maiden with a sword.


Captain " Duke " Tedup Zjiph
Officers (and bodyguards): Truma(!), “Chase”(!), Pleshette(!), Irino(!)
Totranc(!) – Navigator
Loway(!) – Cooker
Mapoks(!) – Thothian timid deckhand with a background of been in Kingdom of Karameikos jail a few years back arrested by Abhorson.

The FishSword

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