The Eyes of Traldar

The Eyes of Traldar
Another Legend of the Kingdom of Karameikos

Legends of magical stones abound in Karameikos, and nearly all of them tell of the fabled Eyes of Traldar: gems of great and terrible power, used against the Beast Men in the last days of Halav’s reign.

One legend, said to be old even in Halav’s time, tells of a dark stone of great power, the keystone in the defenses of Palace of the Silver Princess. So powerful was it that Arik of the Hundred Eyes sought to add the its magic to his own, laying siege to the palace. Village by village, he laid waste to the Silver Princess’ lands, demanding that she give up the stone. The princess refused, and was said to have unleashed the full power of the guardian stone upon the demon-king, sealing him away in stone at the cost of her own life as well.

Another legend tells of the sage Elyas, who used a shining black gem to seal away the
Dreadwitches of Dymrak before they could petrify the entire forest.

Could these both be the work of the fabled Black Opal Eye of Traldar? Is it the same stone, or is there more than one Black Opal Eye? Is it related at all to the Fire Opal Eye, said to be able to part the veil of time and allow glimpses of the future? Or is it the work of storytellers too lazy to think up original material?

Some scholars claim that the Palace of the Silver Princess is not a legend, but is a real place.
Some would place it in the mountains above Haven Lake. A more recent and compelling theory has come to light that the ruins north of Threshold are what’s left of the palace, and the mage-king Gygar is either Argenta’s father or grandfather, or is descended from her line….

The Eyes of Traldar

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