Republic of Darokin

Location, Size and Population:
Selenica is the second-largest city in Darokin and considered by many the nation’s second capital. It boasts a population of of approximately 39,000, that easily swells up to over 60,000 during market days, religious celebrations or national holidays. Located at the far eastern end of the country, Selenica is the gateway to travel and trade with the Emirates of Ylaruam, the Kingdom of Karameikos, Kingdom of Rockhome and the Northern Reaches, and even the Thyatian Empire.

Age, Name and History:
Selenica is considered one of the oldest existing settlements in the Republic, although it was not always referred to as it is now. The History of Selenica attempts to address some of the city’s past.

People and Diverse Cultures:
Selenica is just over 400 miles on the Darokin Road to the capital city of Darokin, and despite the many merchants who travel back and forth between the two cities, the separation and isolation of Selenica is still keenly felt by its people.

Daily life in Selenica has a different feel to it than anywhere else in Darokin, predominantly due to the many strong foreign cultural influences on the city. Refer to Foreign Influences in Selenica for a greater understanding on the topic.

Some of the more notable persons of the community can be found on the Characters of Selenica page.

Trading is Selenica’s primary industry. Its central market is nearly as large as the legendary Darokin Central Market, with traders from half a dozen countries meeting regularly, trading everything from simple foodstuffs to exotic gems.
Every guild is represented in Selenica, but not many of the of the craftsmen distinguish themselves in either quality or quantity.

Politically, Selenica is dominated by two merchant houses. Al-Azrad House is the most visible house in the city, but they are not the largest. Keeping a low profile, but still exerting a deal of power behind the scenes, is Hallonica House, the third largest merchant house in all of Darokin.
Currently three of the six City Council members are Hallonicas, two are Al-Azrads, and the sixth is a dwarf.
The mayor of Selenica is a retired Hallonica merchant as well.

Higher Education:
Selenica possesses two well-known universities: the University of Al-Azrad which specialises in Administration, Commerce and Economics while the Darokin University of Medicine and Scientific Research which focuses on Anatomy, Medicine, Philosophy and Surgery.

The Selenica city guard is small, but well-trained for its particular responsibilities, being primarily concerned with the protection of the merchant caravans, apprehending thieves and diffusing local scuffles amongst the common folk.
For the larger problem of city defense, the guard (and everyone else) depends on the Second Army, which has one legion in the city at all times, while the other five legions are at Fort Hobart.

Further Information:
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