(Optional rule)
Reputation is used to determine whether another character (a GM character) recognizes a character. Those who recognize the hero are more likely to help the hero or do what he or she asks, provided the reputation has a positive connotation to the character who recognizes the hero. A high Reputation bonus also makes it difficult for the hero to mask his or her identity.

Most of the time, a hero doesn’t decide to use his or her reputation. The GM decides when a hero’s reputation can be relevant to a scene or encounter. At the moment it becomes relevant, the GM makes a Reputation check for a GM character who might be influenced in some fashion due to the hero’s fame or notoriety, as detailed below.

In our campaign, we will use the Reputation for the whole adventurers group. A group’s reputation could be higher or lower than their current level. The group will be treated as the reputation score implies and as the Reputation check results.

An Adventure Groups reputation could be his presentation card in many circles, as it could be his death sentence in others. We can use the following reputation rule from 3.5: Reputation .
Use column B of the Table: Reputation Scores calculating the average character level of the active members of the adventurers group. Add reputation points gained in adventures.

Bonuses for higher Reputation Score:
Each point of reputation can be used to buy a contact for the group. A person that can help the group with information. An NPC contact will do skill checks for the character with a bonus of + 4 (equipment bonus) and + 4 (help from their aides). If he NPC’s skill is unknown make skill checks of + 11.

Reputation Score and Reactions:
Rep Score = Description
-————— = -———————-
Less than + 0 = Who are you again? Never heard of you.
+ 0 to + 1 = I’m from the same town as you are. I heard that you are an adventurer now?
+ 2 to + 4 = Considered well known within their profession or social circle.
+ 5 to + 7 = Well known in more than one city/county.
+ 8 to + 10 = Well known in more than one country.
+ 11 to + 13 = Adventures are well known in the whole continent.
+ 14 or more = A high reputation bonus makes it difficult for a character to mask his identity, which can be a problem if he’s trying not to be noticed.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero