Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes
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The prestige Classes allowed are the ones present on the Source Material manuals. All prestige classes on our campaign are tied up to a place, teacher or organization. Ask your Game Master about the special role playing requisites that your prestige class such as:

  • The character needs to be invited by a member.
  • The character needs to be of a specific nation or race to be part of the prestige class.
  • The character has to pay some deed or do a special mission.
  • The character needs to swear loyalty to a group or country.

Dungeon Master Guide
Arcane Archer – Kingdom of Alfheim
Assassin – The Veiled Society, Iron Ring
Dwarven Defender – Kingdom of Rockhome, Highforge

Defenders of the Faith
Church Inquisitor – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Consecrated Harrier – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Contemplative – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Divine Oracle – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Holy Liberator
Hospitalizer – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Hunter of the Dead
Knight of the Chalice – Knighthy Order ( see Organizations )
Knight of the Middle Circle – Knighthy Order ( see Organizations )
Master of Shrouds
Sacred Exorcist – Any Church ( see Organizations )
Sacred Fist
Templar – Knighthy Order ( see Organizations )
Warpriest – Any Church ( see Organizations )

Masters of the Wild
Animal Lord
Bane of Infidels
Bloodhound – a Mentor is required
Deepwood Sniper
Exotic Weapon Master – a Mentor is required
Eye of Gruumsh – Orc and Half Orc
Foe Hunter
Frenzied Berserker
King/Queen of the Wild
Tamer of Beasts
Verdant Lord
Watch Detective

Song and Silence
Dread Pirate
Dungeon Delver – Tomb Raiders
Fang of Lolth
Outlaw of the Crimson Road
Royal Explorer
Temple Raider of Olidammara
Thief-Acrobat – join a circus
Virtuoso – a Mentor is required

Sword and Fist
Cavalier – Knighthy Order ( see Organizations )
Devoted Defender
Drunken Master – a Mentor is required
Duelist – a Mentor is required
Fist of Hextor
Gladiator –
Halfling Outrider
Knight Protector of the Great Kingdom – Knighthy Order ( see Organizations )
Lasher – a Mentor is required
Master of Chains – a Mentor is required
Master Samurai – oriental Knightly order of Ochalea
Ninja of the Crescent Moon – oriental Assassin or criminal organization of Ochalea
Order of the Bow Initiate
Red Avenger – of Ochalea
Tribal Protector
Weapon Master – a Mentor is required

Tome and Blood
Acolyte of the Skin
Arcane Trickster
Blood Magus
Candle Caster
Dragon Disciple
Elemental Savant
Mage of the Arcane Order – Arcane Order
Pale Master
True Necromancer – a Mentor is required
Wayfarer Guide

User Created Prestige Classes:
Combat Acrobat
Mysteries of Magic
Weapon Grand Master

Prestige Classes

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