Kingdom of the Thieves

Kingdom of Thieves
Kingdom of Karameikos

The Kingdom of Thieves is a new Thieves’ Guild, having existed for circa ten years only. It strictly limits its activities to burglary, and is based in Specularum, though its members sometimes operate in Kelvin or Vorloi.

Compared to the other Thieves’ Guilds, the Kingdom is rather small, but is also composed of skilled members, thus focusing on high-revenue jobs, stealing mostly from the rich. The Kingdom as a strict hierarchy based on Darokinian, Traladaran and Thyatian aristocratic titles. The guildmaster, Flameflicker, is known as the King of Thieves, while his direct underlings are Princes. Dukes, Counts, Barons, Knights and Lords form the lower ranks of the membership, while apprentices are dubbed Squires. Members tend to act independently or in small teams, though the King and Princes assign jobs to specific groups from time to time.

The Kingdom of Thieves does not condone murder and other violent crimes, and members are required to use weapons only in self defence.

Joining the ranks

The Kingdom of Thieves only invites professional Thieves to join. Former cutpurses, pickpockets, and small time burglars are accepted, as are adventurers with the appropriate skills.

A new member starts either as a Squire, if he is a promising young thief (1st or 2nd level) or as a Lord, and can work his way up to the rank of Duke by proving his skill. Currently, all Princes are founding members of the Kingdom, and are all quite young. New Princes can be named only by the King, and this has not happened yet.

Kingdom of the Thieves

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