Karameikos Army

Karameikos Army
Kingdom of Karameikos
Armed Forces:

1st Division
The 1st Division of the Karameikan military also is the Town Guard (720 F2 guards, 36 F3 sergeants, 4 F4 lieutenants. Commander: By tradition, the heir to the Royal Family is supposed to be commanding the Guard Phorsis, but since the heir has not been claimed as of yet, Duke Stefan is in command. However, he leaves the officers’ duties of the 1st Division in the capable hands of Captain Mikel Irathen (LN hm F8).

2nd Division
The 2nd Division consists of The Elvenguard and the Duke’s Guard, which are garrisoned at the Duke’s Stronghold. The Elvenguard is charged with maintaining order in the Duke’s Park and the forested areas in and around Specularum, as well as keeping order within the forests around Kelvin whenever the Callarii elves need help. The Duke’s Guard is a standing force, which protects the Duke’s Stronghold in times of assault; it assists the Guard Phorsis in times of trouble. From its ranks are drawn the Duke’s personal bodyguards. The seneschal of the Ducal Estate, Lord Gisial Honorbound and his second in command Alexius Korrigan (NG hm F8) acts as general for the 2nd Division. (Elvenguard: 100 F3 or F2/M2 soldiers, 10 F6 or F5/M5 lieutenants, commanded by Captain Alainiir Truesight (NG em F8/M9). Duke’s Guard: 220 F3 soldiers, 11 F4 sergeants, 11 F6 lieutenants, commanded by Captain Sergei Nikleivich (LN hm F12).

3rd Division
The 3rd Division consists of the Karameikan Navy. Under the supervision of Admiral Lucius Hyraksos (LN hm F12), the navy patrols the coast of Karameikos and occasionally wages war with the bands of pirates that operate out of the Gulf of Halag. The Naval shipbuilding facilities and base are in Specularum Bay. Each ship consists of a 6th level warrior captain, a commander of 4th level, four lieutenants of 3rd level, and 52 1st level sailors. There are currently eight ships of the line in the Karameikan Navy, though more ships would be commissioned in times of war.

4th Division
" The Northern and Eastern Forts
The 4th Division is charged with the responsibility of guarding the northern and eastern frontiers of Kammeikos. It’s divided among three foruesses: cutdlu, Keep lies in the Altan Tepes mountains and works hard to keep the intrusion of mountain-based non-human tribes to a minimum. In case of war with Ylaruam (unlikely event), it would also act as center of operations for the entire Katameikan army. Duke’s Road Keep lies in the mountains on
the road to sdcnica. It is charged with keeping the mad open. . . or, in the event of war
with DvoLin or AHheim, holding it clod. sergeants, and 1st level men wear leather armor, an
shields and daggers; app armed with crossbows. horses, enough for one fight as cavalry if needed.

4th Division, Castellan Guard Battalion I, “The Mountain Storm”
Personnel: 244

4th Division, Duke’s Road Battalion , “Goblin Crushers”
Personnel: 244

4th Division, Rugalov Guard Battalion
Personnel: 244

5th Division
This division garrison the forts on the Western part of Karameikos.

5th Division, Radlebb Guard Battalion
Personnel: 244

5th Division, Riverfork Guard Battalion
Personnel: 244

Karameikos Army

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