Dread Horde

Dread Horde
The strongest goblinoid tribe of the Kingdom of Karameikos, the Dread Horde includes both Goblin and Hobgoblin heavy infantry.

The horde’s leader, Chieftain Kosivikh is a powerful Goblin warrior, easily the equal of an Hobgoblin in strength and only slightly lesser in size. His fame is such that he is also known as "Zhul Dymrak’’, the Dymrak Dread.

Vylgrykk the Wicca (Goblin Fighter: 7/Wizard:7) is the chief wokan of the Dread Horde.
Many Shamans of Orcus have been trained by the Witches of Dymrak, and Orcus has been the patron of this tribe for generations.

Kosivikh personal horde, the Dread Brotherhood, is composed of 50 goblins.

He controls also 10 lesser hordes, each composed of:
1 Goblin Leader who is a Fighter:7 and is armed with short bow, javelin and morningstar and rides a Worgs.
10 Goblin Sergeants who are Fighter:3 and are armed with short bow, javelin and morningstar.
15 Goblins who are Worgs riders, short bow and short sword
60 Goblins archers, short bow and short sword
20 Hobgoblins heavy infantrymen.,heavy mace and the battle axe


Dread Horde

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