Zemiros Sulescu

Baron Zemiros Sulescu


Male Traladaran Human Aristocrat: 15


Baron Zemiros Sulescu is the leader of the small city of Sulescu on the Kingdom of Karameikos. The town is under the rule of Count Sulescu, who comes from an ancient Traladaran family, although he is rarely seen in the town, preferring his ancestral seat at Sulescu Manor. The Count is extremely old, indeed there are none in Sulescu who can remember his father’s rule.

The Sulescus have ruled their estate for over 300 years, and save for his modern dress and manner, the current lord is the very model of his ancestor. He has sworn fealty to the king, but has also sent notice that royal meddling in his small territory will not be tolerated. The crown has responded that, as long as Sulescu keeps his lands and people under control, there will be no problem.

Searching the local government books, Cliona Cassidor Sulescu discovers that the only heirs to the Baron’s bloodline are her and her twin brother Canios.

Cliona Cassidor Sulescu now knows what Zuleidan Kithkany was trying to tell them, that Baron Zemiros Sulescu is a vampyr (or Nosferatu). Zuleidan believed that her mission was to destroy him. She has no idea what to do with the werewolves, she’s obsessed with the vampyr. The Order of the Rose wanted to keep balance in the Barony and the Baron wasn’t evil, just undead.

Zemiros Sulescu

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