Yoshirou Nakajima

Alias Daremo


Yoshirou Nakajima
Sex: male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Skin: White
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 183 lb
Place of Birth: Ochalea. The Celestial Territories
Date of birth: Born the 22nd day (Lunadain) of the month of Eirmont (11) in the year 995.
Astrological sign: The Warrior
Sky Ascendant
Winds of Influence: Winds of Wisdom
Religious Affiliation: The Mystic Way of Order
Classes: Monk level 27
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Alphatian Castes:
Color: Dark Blue
Metal: Gold
Titles: Count
Voting Power: 0
Rank: 4

Ring of the Order of the Griffon
Karameikos Medal of Honor
Kingdom of Haven Medal of Valor
Honorary Citizen of the Kingdom of Haven

Shimai okami

Fake ID:

  • Daremo – Ochalean Servant in Alphatia (Forgery DC: No Forged Papers)

Yoshirou Nakajima
Band of the Wolf

I was born to a life of luxury. Since that day all my needs have been taken care of by servants and nursemaids. I have been fed, clothed, and enjoyed all the comfort of being born into a wealthy and noble family. So you may be asking yourself why is it that I’m traveling to a strange land not knowing what to expect or where my destiny will take me.

Let me explain. My name is Yoshirou Nakajima. I’m the fifth male son of Lord Hiroshi Nakajima, a noble man and merchant from the Celestial Domain of the Island of Ochalea. He is married to Lady Kimiko Takahashi, daughter to a wealthy and influential family. I have four older brothers; Takashi (26 yrs old) is the oldest and right hand to my father. My family is very proud of his commitment to our family and heritage. Katsurou (24) has involved himself with the protection of our kingdom and the political intricacies of the government. Haruki (21) is the artist of the family and the most popular of us. I admire his eye for beauty and his incredible imagination. He has a beautiful soul that can be cherished in all his paintings and his exquisite calligraphy symbols. Haruto (20) is the scholar. I haven’t met anyone so into books in my life. Sometimes I forget how his voice sounds because he spends more time reading than relating to the rest of the family. And then there is me, Yoshirou.
Being the youngest son, my parents have been very lenient with me. Do not misunderstand me, it’s not like they have neglected me or leave me to do whatever I want. It’s just that the choices of what to do with my life have not been burdened by a responsibility or need to follow the footsteps of anyone in my family. So, at the age of seven I started my education under the tutelage of Master Daichi Shimizu, my sensei and teacher. He led me in a pursuit for personal perfection through action as well as contemplation. Nine years I have been learning and perfecting my body under his wise guidance. Until one day when he stopped our training to speak about my future.
He explained how my training was lacking something. My life has been too protected. I haven’t experience need, or adversity. For my ki to grow I needed to challenge myself, to distance myself from the comfort and security of my family. My parents have great respect for Master Daichi and agreed that if that was the destiny I chose for myself and if I was willing to undergo whatever challenge or danger I was to face I could go with their blessing and support.
So that is why I’m sailing right now to this place called the Kingdom of Karameikos. I wonder what awaits me.

During the events of Ambushing Onedea, Sangyeng and Yoshirou Nakajima are able to recover The Jade Princess with the help of the Band of the Wolf. The ghost of his brother Takashi Nakajima appear to him, now revitalized. Yoshirou told him: " I’m not looking for this responsibility, I cannot be part of the Shima Rebellion like you. I’m not into politics. " Takashi’s ghost answered: " You don’t have to be. You did something greater for your brother’s soul and that is bigger than honor, that’s love. "

Yoshirou sends letters to his family in Ochalea: Letters to my Brother

Nathaniel J. Flint finds Yue Ling and Yoshirou Nakajima in a compromising situation on the Welcome Wench Inn.

Player: Eric D. qxsilver

Yoshirou Nakajima

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