The Seer


Male Alphatian Human ??yo Wizard: 20 (Diviner) Lawful Good

Alphatian Castes:
Color: Gray
Metal: Platinum
Titles: King
Voting Power: 9


" I hope for you much, much, love… "

Wallter The Seer, no more introduction needs to be said. The Empress Eriadna, only allows Wallter to call her child and he does with a tone of love and care. Wallter is the counsel of Queen Mauzy and so many other nobles love Wallter. He has unlimited access to the Amethyst Tower, a privilege very few have in any of the towers of the Council of Magic. He is a noble on the Kingdom of Arogansa and has a castle there known as the Horos Kopus Tower.

Wallter, the star child has studied the Mystara Star Signs and the Mystara Astrology following the horoscope of the Mystara Calendar.

Lord Frutumal Huntinghawk tells Wallter about the prophecy of Noitan Ivid. Wallter has seen the visions but claims that " tonight it the first night in many years that I speak about this prophecy and about my fearful dreams of apocalyptic destruction and… and I feel that there is one single hope and… I don’t know why I feel in my heart that this hope is in this room tonight. I have hope! Love and happiness for you all! "


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero