Vasil Petrov



Archdeacon Vasil Petrov
Traladaran Human Male Cleric: 5


Archdeacon Vasil Petrov is in charge of the Church of Traladara in Sulescu a temple known as Sulescu Church of Traladara. Archpriestship is still vacant, due to a long-running disagreement on who is entitled to appoint such a person, so the Archdeacon is the highest ranking cleric in the temple. He is still waiting for word from the Church of Traladara in Specularum and the final approval from Baron Zemiros Sulescu.

The people like and respect him. He is a nervous man and always wants to help but his inability to do so keeps him sad and more nervous…

Vasil told Frutumal Huntinghawk and Dio Stoutspark that the disagreement between the Baron and the Church of Traladara about a high ranking cleric in the local temple has gone for more than 50 years. In that time only Archdeacons have been assigned to be the head of the local church. He also told them that the last Archdeacon was a friend of Vasil Andriev’s father, Antrim, and if any additional information should be on his records.

Vasil Petrov

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