Vael Owleyes

Annoyed Appraiser Apprentice


Vael Owleyes
Male Thotian Halfling 43yo Wizard:3/Expert:6 Neutral

Appraise: + 10, Forgery: + 10, Knowledge (Cartography, History, Legends&Lores) + 10, Use Magical Device + 10


Mister Vael Owleyes is an expert in appraisal, recognizing forgeries and identifying magic items. He was a rich halfling who came from the Kingdom of Thothia 30 years ago and was caught by the Ierendi Royal Guard trying to steal artifacts from the Ierendi Castle Dungeon, he lost his fortune and was in jail for 10 years.

He currently works with the tittle of " apprentice " on Benno Treasure Maps but he knows more than his master.

To Benedetto Difusallo: " You went to the mainland and con 30 people to acquire 900 gps and buy the map? 30 people? Are you crazy? What will happen if those 30 people track you to Ierendi and want payback? If that happens I will let them tie me up and put me in the closet and I won’t move a finger to defend you. "

" I will not try to pull a fast one on you who have traveled the world tracking the slippery Benedetto. I know that if you were able to track his fat ass here, I stand no chance against your group. I only ask for two things: that my life could be spare for my silence and that my cooperation will be paid with a share of the treasure. I have been looking for Mad Greeg’s Treasure for ten years, you know… "

Vael tells the Band of the Wolf his story: " I’m an immigrant from the Kingdom of Thothia who wanted to gain fortune on Ierendi. Ten years ago I was Biccebos Little Finger partner. He acquired the Black Pond Map from his partners of the Blackscar Guild and I was suppose to wait for him outside the castle. That I did. He never came back. We had the theory that Prince Aloun Greeg Mattringle was right and that he swallow the silver key after finding it in the belly of his grandfather King Mad Greeg. Biccebos didn’t came back with the key, but you found that what he found on the belly of the Prince was the patch… "

Vael Owleyes

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