Thincol Torion

Emperor Thincol Torion The Brave


Emperor Thincol Torion The Brave
Thrainkell Torson
Male Thyatian Fighter


Thincol was born in AC 938. His name at birth was Thrainkell Torson; we was the son of Tor, a well-regarded shipwright of Oceansend. But he grew up impatient and ambitious, contemptuous of his family’s slow and gradual climb to comfortable wealth. He wanted fame and fortune fast, and so, in AC 956, he traveled to Thyatis City- Oceansend still being a Thyatian Empire colony at the time. In Thyatis, his fighting ability and dramatic sense of style soon made him the city’s current favorite in the gladiatorial arena. The Thyatians called him “Thincol,” a pronunciation of his name more pleasing to their ears, and he was known as Thincol the Brave.

Four years later, though, the Alphatian Spike Assault smashed into the city and nearly led to Thyatis’ conquest. Thincol organized a force of gladiators, scattered military personnel, and adventurers, and led a crushing counterattack which drove the Alphatian Empire out of the Palace and out of the city, Once in command of the Palace, her persuaded the young Princess Gabriela, whose father, the Emperor, had just perished by Alphatian magics, to marry him so that he could lead the Empire back to strength. She agreed, and so by virtue of a foreign invasion and catastrophe a northern gladiator became Emperor of Thyatis.

In the years since he has done exactly as promised, using every tactic known to him to strenthen the Thyatian military might, subjugate and dominate surrounding territories, harry the Alphatians – without actually going to war – and rearing a family in his traditions, children strong enough to take his place when his time comes. He and Gabriela have three children: Eusebius, Stefania, and Asteriela. Tredorian, son of Empress Eriadna of Alphatia lives in the palace, while Asteriela lives as a counter hostage in the Sundsvall, the capital of Alphatia

In AC 1004, Emperor Thincol was enraged by the bread riots, and failure of the Thyatian legions to deal with them effectively. He has begun an aggressive campaign to root out corruption in the Senate and incompetence in the Legion. He is assisted in this program by his son Eusebius, his advisor and lover Anya of Kerendas, and his magist Demetrion Karagenteropolus.

Thincol is a hard, ruthless, uncompromising man. His greatest rewards came in the gladiatorial arena, and he sees every competition as a gladiatorial duel. Anyone who opposes him forfeits his own life, subject to Thincol’s mercy (and sometimes affected by the sentiments of the “audience” – his court and the rest of the world).

Thincol Torion

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