Renn Kratos

Grand Master


Grand Master Renn Kratos
Neutral Human Male Fighter:13


Grand Master Renn Kratos and High Mistress Alicia Kratos are the owners of the Renns School of the Blade located in the city of Specularum on the Kingdom of Karameikos. They are both masters of many different weapons.

Master Kratos is a very proud man with higher standards than many fighters, believing in honor and glory. As an example he defeated a young thyatian fighter who tried to taunt him with insults, Troyus Bloodstone: " You believe that you can come to my school and try to verbally humiliate me in front of my students and retainers. You are lucky you are alive. And you know why are you alive? Because is a greater humiliation to defeat you and leave you to contemplate your foolishness! "

Renn Kratos

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