Razor Vantes

"Sharpest elegant cunning of the Republic."


Razor Vantes
Neutral Evil Male Human Rogue: 4


“Sharpest knife, cunning of a fox and elegant as an orchestra: Voila! Razor Vantes, at your service.”

Razor Vantes consider himself a man of many skills and the best in what he does – whatever that is – in all the Republic of Darokin. He will describe himself as fast with the tongue and the rapier but can will also disappear without leaving an ounce of liquor without drinking or a pouch without touching. He will look in the eyes of a beautiful woman and tell her he believes that " all the magic of the world can be contained in the movement of a dancer’s belly. "

Vantes will give a different background story every time he is asked about his past, he will always be vague in his answers and he will always try to gain the trust of his comrades. All that said and done, there are not much more to tell about the man, only the fact that this Biography tells nothing about his past…

Razor Vantes

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero