Marcus Regan



Marcus Regan
Traladaran Human Male Expert:7


Marcus Regan is one of the wealthier local inhabitants of Sulescu, having a monopoly on the export of wool, which is the local farmstead’s only real export crop. He buys all the wool and stores it in a large warehouse by the Seagate, Regan Wools, where it is processed and exported to Specularum or Minrothad Guilds. He owns a small cog which is used for this trade called The Sea Wolf.

Marcus Regan travels to Specularum and Ierendi from time to time were he does business with some associates he always mentions in casual conversation but never tell the names " my capital associate, my foreign associate ". He dresses and acts like a richer man but his bad taste and bad manners always shown.

Nathaniel J. Flint has expended his time on Specularum helping Marcus Regan, the trader from Sulescu with his ship, The Sea Wolf. He uses his knowledge of seafaring to help them and hears their stories about Ierendi. He tries to befriend Regan by working for free even when the ship went and returned to Sulescu. After a while Marcus Regan befriends him, specially because Flint has gold and good manners.

Marcus Regan

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