Frutumal Huntinghawk

Half-Elf Cleric / Warpriest/ Lich


Frutumal Huntinghawk

Half-elf, Male, Cleric lvl7, Warpriest 7, 25 years old, 5’9”, 10lbs, born in the Barony of Black Eagle in the Kingdom of Karameikos, he is lawful good, Deity Ares.
( Lich LA: + 4 )

Alphatian Castes:
Color: Blue/Light
Metal: Gold
Titles: Duke
Voting Power: 0

Wolves of the Band: Blackbones


Frutumal Huntinghawk
Ever since I remember I wanted to be a Cleric of the mighty God Apollo of the Church of Thyatis, I started at a young age. I always like to help people and in the Barony of Hagar people really needed a lot of help. After working in the temple I was given the opportunity to embark on my first mission. But it’s kind of strange since everyone has decline the mission for some reason unbeknown to me. I accepted the mission with all my heart. I was supposed to accompany this Half-Elf Cleric a tour of the temple and the surrounding. But when I got distracted she disappeared out of my sight. I look for her in all the places I thought she could be. Her was Suleidan Kithkany, but since she was new to the place I was worried. Days later she found her way to the temple. I looked at her and she was starving and hurt.
She said that she was lost in a forest. But there is no such place for miles. Now I’m
21 years old and found myself in all sorts of situations where I have gain experience for my High Priest to let me embark on a pilgrimage, to learn more
from what the world has to show for me. And what I can do for Apollo. When the
day came for me to leave The High Priest told me that if I ever run into Suleidan,
that I should help her in anything that she needed.

Frutumal left the Church of Thyatis in search of this missing cleric and her search has lead her to the Barony of Sulescu.

During the events known as The Exorcism of Frutumal Huntinhawk the Cleric Dio Stoutspark was able to finish a ritual to exorcise Vanderal‘s soul from Frutumal Huntinghawk’s body. This strange ritual tied to the Last Breath of the Undying was the last chance of the Lich to resurrect as his Philactery were already destroyed.

Frutumal Huntinghawk decent to darkness

Player: Felix B. fburgos1970

Frutumal Huntinghawk

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara fburgos1970