Empress Eriadna The Wise


Empress Eriadna The Wise
Female Alphatian Wizard:25

Empress on the Alphatian Castes with clothes mostly White in color.
She is actually the Empress of the Alphatian Empire.


Born in Sundsvall in AC 920, Eriadna is the only child of Tylion IV, the previous emperor of the Alphatian Empire. Unlike her father, she was reared from birth in the duties and rights of a ruler-to-be. She was not precisely spoiled as a child: By Tylion’s decree, anything she wanted was hers… but the consequences of any of her requests were always impressed upon her. When a commoner accidentally insulted her by omitting her title when addressing her, she complained, and the man was punished… but she was forced to watch the trial and punishment. When she wanted a grand birthday celebration for herself to be a holiday through all Sundsvall, Tylion complied… then taught her how to calculate the cost of the event to the imperial treasury, and showed her what those funds might otherwise have gone to. In this way, she learned the far reaching consequences any of her actions might have, and learned to think through all her decisions and desires before pronouncing them.

Through her youth and early adulthood, Eriadna saw her father grow increasingly frustrated with the throne – and especially with the Thyatian Empire. When Tylion IV launched an attack on Thyatis the end was near for Tylion’s reign – the Grand Council of Wizards did not want an Emperor so unpredicatable and dangerous. So she offered to help her father by taking the reins of the rulership of the kingdoms of Vertiloch (the Emperor’s dominion) and Theranderol (the family’s dominion). He agreed. She was very showy and public about ruling Vertiloch and Theranderol, and soon became fixed in the population’s mind as the ruler of those countries.

When Tylion’s attack on Thyatis failed, and later when Thyatis was able to reclaim their lose Isle of Dawn territories, the Grand Council turned to Eriadna and avowed their support of her for the imperial throne if she could persuade Tylion to step down. If he didn’t there were come Council wizards ready to duel him just to get rid of him.

She persuaded her father to abdicate. The man was tired and broken; it wasn’t difficult. And so Eriadna, called the Wise, became empress of the greatest empire in the world. She has ruled well. She has learned to spot people with the ability to organize and with a loyal spirit and so her government is a relatively smoothly functioning machine.

The Empress was enraged by the murder of General Torenal. She appointed her father to head the investigation. Later, dissatisfied with his methods she brought in The Interlocutor to interrogate the alleged killers. It has been suggested that she was on the verge of ordering the Marvels’ execution when they escaped from the dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace.


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