Beranta Silveredge

Sister of the Church of Moradin


Beranta Silveredge
Female Dwarf Cleric: 6 Lawful


Sister Beranta Silveredge is in charge of the Highforge Honor Cemetery and she doesn’t like her work. She considers the post a failure to use her abilities.

She believes in the Church of Moradin is faithful to her immortal and keeps her equipment sharp ready for a fight. She had a discussion years ago with Patriarch Snorri Spanglehelm and she believes he sent her to the Cemetery as a punishment.

Clerics are stymied as to how to remove a bizarre desecration that has fallen upon their small temple. Tukania is always trying too hard to be accepted and she has found that a bunch of Wights are trying to get to the city via the Cemetery. She is killing them and burying them on the cemetery inside a big semi-emptied tomb. The wights are not completely destroyed, just dismantled and they are the cause of the desecration. Aranhil Thunderseeker, Sarabelle and Helethil Bluebelleyes helped solve the mystery Tukania and Beranta Silveredge are in debt with them.

Beranta Silveredge

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