Axetor Stonecutter

Dwarven Order of the Bow Archer


Axetor Stonecutter
Deity: Moradin
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Height 4’6"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Brown
Mounts: Rocky, Arrowteeth


Axetor Stonecutter is the youngest son of the dwarf Tordek Stonewall of Highforge. Axetor is a young dwarf ranger from deep within the mountain, who wants to travel the lands looking for adventures, tired of living under his father shadow; Axetor is ready to make his way into the outside world and create his own fame; one that will rival his father. Meeting up with the band of the wolf has taught him many things in his life. Having Brothers-in-arms, Trusted friends and daring adventures makes life worth living. Facing many horrors and dangerous places, he has found how to be the best of himself. Going down the path as an Initiate of the Bow has earned him respect he never knew he can obtain. Foreign Kings and Queens recognizing him by title help him realize there is much more to give. From Honorary Citizen in a magical kingdom to Honorary knight in his homeland, from bullied ranger where elves looked down on him to Master Archer where people in distress look up to him. He feels like there is still more to do, and something as being better than his father is just an afterthought…

“The arrow only follows one path, straight to the target. However, we must choose where that path begins and what the target is…” Order of the Bow Proverb

Axetor Stonecutter

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