Alyotic Greystaff



Alyotic Greystaff
Traladaran Human Female Mage: 5


One of the more notable local inhabitants is the young who calls herself Alyotic Greystaff. She inhabits a tall tower ( Greystaff Tower ) just south of the Ruins of The Temple of Shandar, which is one of the landmarks of the area. The locals fear her and leave her to her own devices, but also hope that her presence will dissuade attacks on the town.

Alyotic was born on Sulescu but trained in Specularum who came back searching from knowledge in the ruins. So far she has been unable to find anything of value, but her collection of data, and catalog of inscriptions and architecture is growing. Many believe that she had the backing of a magician in the capital as she returned with money enough to repair the tower and live there by herself.

Alyotic is rumored to have a magic staff of rare powers that she uses to keep intruders and beasts away.

Alyotic Greystaff

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