Wizards have existed within the countries of the Known World long before the Thyatians conquered this area. For example the area currently known as the Kingdom of Karameikos, was a haven for some wizards that wanted to practice their arcane art in secrecy, and they sometimes took on apprentices. Wizards are common among Elves-High clans and the illusionist is popular among Gnomes-Rock. Countries like the Alphatian Empire and the Principalities of Glantri are dominated by wizards and other spellcasters. Other countries like the Thyatian Empire are places were wizards are scond class citizens.

Remember to download and print the Wizard Spell Sheet named Wizard_spells (dnd_3.0).pdf_ from the Documents link.

A Wizard SPELLS: Level0=All, Level1=Mage Armor, Magic Weapon, Identify + a number of spells equal to his Intelligence Bonus. He acquires + 2 spells per level thereafter.

A Wizard starts with a Familiar . Download the Sorcerer-Wizard Familiars.pdf from the Documents link. Chose one of the four familiars present (Cat, Owl, Snake and Toad) and print only the sheet for the familiar. The sheet is already modified for a first level familiar and only need to fill the Hit Points and Skill ranks.

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