Whitenight Abbey

Whitenight Abbet
White Island
The Whitenight Abbey is a poor village with about two dozen huts in bad condition. The main buildings are made of stone and show Nithian Empire architecture. There is drinking water, there are many fruits trees and a nearby garden that is always in disrepair.

Whitenight Abbey is a community of 108 druids, initiates, and juveniles, all male, of various ages and levels of experience. They are all, by common standards, undeniably insane. They speak a tongue related to Ancient Nithian, but even with comprehend tongues, their speech is incomprehensible gibberish. Many sleepwalk in the shape shifted form of Giant White Apes or White Birch Doves (for game purpose use stats for Raven ). The druids do not communicate in any meaningful way with outsiders.


The only person who takes care of the druids is Erias-of-the-White-Birches a mad man.

Whitenight Abbey

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