Waping Piao Government Halls

Waping Piao Government Halls
Thyatian Empire
Celestial Territories
Waping Piao
The Government Halls of the city of Waping Piao are a series of impresive buildings inside a large wall that have old but very beautifull architecture. There are not many open government offices on the premises as the government of the Celestial Territories has less than 50 burocracts members in total. The government offices are located on the west part of the city west to the Waping Piao Market, south of the Waping Piao Sun Quarters and north of the Waping Piao Moon Quarters.

The guard of the Waping Piao Military Quarters provide soldiers who serve as constant guard of the Government Halls’ walls and gardens.

The different halls include the house of the Province Governor Guin Po and his family that is almost the size of a small palace. It also has three more mansions that are kept for the ocasional royalty visitor or rich person that is staying for any reason on Maping Piao. Been invited by the Province Governor is an honor, but the stay is not expected to be more than two weeks depending on the status of the visitor. The total servants and guards of all these buildings and gardens are almost 200 people but the place can be crawl with guards from the Waping Piao Military Quarters in less than 10 minutes.

Some of the offices located on the Government Halls:

Waping Piao Government Halls

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