Wandering Priests

Jianghu Shenren: Independent/Wandering Priests
Total membership 6.700
Shamans 5.000
Philosophers of Law 500
Philosophers of Neutrality 700
Philosophers of Chaos 300
Priests of Koryis 100
Other Specialists 200
Many priests in Ochalea are not attached to any church or cult. They are often shamans that follow a syncretic religion combining ancestor worship and tenets of the Jade Temple, the Eight Immortals, and other major religions. Others are individual followers of less known Immortals, or wandering philosophers, masters of the ``inner magic’’ of Ochalean tradition.

Core Immortals

Most independent priests worship the Immortals popular in Ochalea, though few do so in an exclusive way; Koryis, Chardastes, the Dragon Rulers and Ssu-Ma are especially popular.


Few of these priests are found in the larger towns: Shamans, the most common type of independent priests, prefer to keep to the wilderness or to rural regions. Many of these independent priests are also village priests. Some few (10%) are foreign priests hoping to convert the locals, or wandering prophets and other, less common types.

Major Temples

There are no major independent temples – most independent priests are either wanderers, or else they worship privately in their family or village shrine.


Many independent priests are either local leaders (village shamans or chiefs, family leaders, etc.) or wandering healers, herbalists and exorcists. Most also practice a family trade or run a businness (which may be peddler, calligrapher, herbalist or healer, in the case of wandering priests).

Classes and Alignments

Shaman are most common as independent priests, but any Specialist or Philosopher priest can be an independent or wanderer. Since these priests are independent, they are not constrained except by their individual Immortal patron or philosophy.

Wandering Priests

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